One of your most precious resources. It contains email addresses and contact information of your subscribers. Ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Discover how GetResponse’s List Building can get you started!

Adding contacts yourself

You can add contacts to your list on your own. Learn how to build your list yourself.

Custom fields

You can add additional information about your contacts. While it's optional, it's extremely useful.

Import statistics

Your imports are always assessed by our anti-abuse system, Hydra. Learn how to read its statistics.

List hygiene

If you want to be truly successful in online marketing, you need to take care of your list. It will help you achieve better results.

Search contacts

Knowing how to manage and maintain your list will help you have a list of great quality.


Having filtered groups of contacts will help you send messages to the right people. Learn how to master segments.

Setting up a list

List is your "storage room" for contacts and different content you create in GetResponse account. Make sure to set it up properly.

Suppression lists

If you're looking for a way to exclude some recipients from your mailings, you're in the right place.

Tags and scoring

Perfect for segmenting your list, tags and scoring allow you to assign invisible labels and points to your contacts.