How to add contacts to my lists?

You have a few options when it comes to adding contacts to your lists. Please have a look at the list below to find the method that best suits your needs:

  • adding contacts manually, one by one. This method lets you quickly add contacts’ name, email, and custom field information. It’s a convenient way to add up to 50 contacts a day.
  • importing a list of contacts. This method lets you upload a file, paste a list from a file, or connect a 3rd party service. This method works best for large lists or lists with many custom fields.
  • setting up recurring imports, if you’re using other services like Magento. You can specify how often and what kind of contact information you’d like to update. Or use integrations that add new contacts when they complete a transaction. You can find the list of all available integrations on the Integrations & API page.
  • using integrations and plugins to add contacts from popular platforms and sites. Please go to GetResponse App Center for a complete list
  • adding contacts via API (Application Programming Interface). This method is the best solution for people who are comfortable with coding. The documentation and support are available on the APIDocs page.