What does it mean that my import had a list sharing issue?

When your account has a list sharing issue, that means that your list is extremely similar to a list in another GetResponse account. As per our Anti-Spam Policy, we don’t allow list sharing, renting, or leasing, and we prohibit the use of purchased email addresses.

The reason for this is the reputation of mailing channels that are directly influenced by the quality of mailing lists used by our customers. Any issues with that reputation, when recorded by the ISPs, may affect our deliverability and the deliverability of all our customers.

If a particular list of contacts is rejected for sharing, it indicates that it’s present in another GetResponse account. Although reasons for the rejection may vary, the most common one is that the list isn’t permission-based, and hasn’t been compiled according to the best email marketing practices.

Although your import was rejected, your account is still open and we’ll accept new list uploads from you. We recommend fixing the problem before you start new imports. Please note that further rejected imports will have a negative impact on your account.

Can I get more information about why my import was rejected?

We’ve implemented a proprietary abuse detection system called Hydra. The system analyzes billions of data pieces in real-time (email addresses, subscriber activity, message content, user behavior, and more). Hydra makes automated decisions based on self-learning algorithms that are always adapting.

Our policy is that we don’t disclose the logic behind Hydra or artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that support it. Regrettably, we can’t provide more information about why your import was rejected.