Where can I view contact details?

Individual contact details are listed in Contact profile card. Each profile also has information about their activity, scoring history, and Consent status.

To view individual contact information:

  1. Go to Contacts>>Search.
  2. Scroll to the contact whose details you want to review. Or use the quick search field to speed up the search.
  3. Click anywhere in the row to open a popup modal with contact information.
  4. Click tabs to switch between the sets of contact details.

What information is displayed in the Contact profile?

Profile includes the following data:

Contact details

  • Lists they’re in (click the names to switch between lists)
  • autoresponder cycles they’ve been added to
  • score
  • tags
  • custom fields
  • opt-in details – when and how they were added to a list, their location and IP address (where applicable), and whether this list requires a double- or single opt-in.

Contact activity

This tab lists link clicks and message opens, date and message subject included.

Scoring history

This tab gives you a log of all score changes:

  • when they are made,
  • how many points were given or deducted
  • how the change was made
  • Comment – if added (adding comments about score changes is only possible directly in Contact details)

Consent Status

This tab shows a complete log of Consent field changes. It lets you view:

  • your contact’s consent preferences (given or no consent) listed by Consent fields,
  • when the consent was given.