Why hasn’t my custom subject line been approved?

All custom confirmation message subject lines are subject to verification and approval by the GetResponse Customer Success team. If the subject line is not approved, its status and the reason for rejection are displayed below it. This process is in place to ensure deliverability and open-rates of the messages. We apply a specific set of criteria when verifying your custom subject lines. You can use these criteria as guidelines for customizing your subject lines. Keep the following in mind when composing a custom subject line:

  • Does the message have a subject line?

All confirmation messages need to include a subject line. Empty subject lines are automatically rejected.  

  • Does the subject line clearly communicate the message’s purpose?

You should state the purpose of the message as clearly as possible. The recipients need to know why they’re getting the email and why they should open the message. Be sure to let them know they’re receiving this message to confirm their subscription, registration, etc.  

  • Is the subject line an appropriate length?

Custom subject lines can’t exceed 250 characters.  

  • Does the subject line contain email addresses or links?

Custom subject lines can’t contain email addresses or links.  

  • Does the message include correct merge words?

When using merge words (tags), such as [[firstname]], make sure you’ve picked the correct ones and are using the right format.  

  • Is the subject line written in sentence case?

The subject line should invite—not try to force—the recipients to open the email. Subject lines can’t be uppercase only. This means, don’t use caps lock for custom subject lines.  

  • Is the style appropriate?

Avoid styles and expressions that your recipients can misinterpret as spam—for example, multiple exclamation points or informal spelling (such as “C4$H”).