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Share knowledge with your audience and create a new source of income. Build a following,
engage them with content, and turn your expertise into a profitable business.

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Use this online marketing bundle to:

Find prospective students

Describe how your knowledge can help

Turn know-how into income

Trust your online courses with a reliable partner


Drive traffic & generate leads

Identify your target audience and determine how your online course or content can solve their problems. Use that
information to grab their interest with Facebook and Instagram ads that promote your offer. Drive this traffic to
your landing page and snag their email address in exchange for free content.

Get in front of your

To share knowledge online, find and attract the people it will benefit. Make yourself visible with Facebook and Instagram ads that generate clicks. It’s a powerful way to start a conversation that turns anonymous connections into email subscribers.

Convince them to join
your list

Work to convert social media traffic on your landing page. Describe your online course or offer and explain how it solves your audience’s problems. Use forms to capture leads, and encourage even more signups by offering relevant lead magnets.

Nuture new subscribers with drip campaigns

Keep the conversation going once people join your list. Prepare an autoresponder email series that communicates how your know-how can help solve their problems.

Automate for faster

Automate your list building with lead magnet funnels. Upload a resource (or use one of ours), pick a template, and customize prebuilt Facebook Ads, landing pages, and an autoresponder series to simplify and accelerate your work.

Get it all connected

Create seamless integrations with the most popular services to launch and promote your online courses.

  • Connect your CRM to organize your contact base
  • Link up analytics platforms for advanced reporting
  • Make selling easy with ecommerce integrations
  • Automate processes with over 100 prebuilt
    Zapier integrations

Communicate through different channels

Before people become your brand advocates, they need to see you as a reliable source of information. Nurture
your subscribers with relevant content and personalized email marketing.
Invite them to a free webinar that
puts a face to your offer and convinces them that your knowledge is worth paying for.

Engage with automated emails

Try marketing automation to send content related to your course and automate your email communication. Use workflows to trigger an email when users take specific actions on your landing page or email.

Get them ready to buy

To keep their interest and build a relationship, host a webinar. Use this as a platform to explain how your online course is exactly what they need. Go live or use your pre-recorded webinars and share them on-demand.

Get out there faster with
ready-made templates

Save time with predesigned templates that help you get started. You’ll find newsletter templates, SEO-optimized landing pages, and marketing automation templates designed with your business goals in mind.

Offer something new

Monitor visitors’ behavior on your landing page to win back those who left without signing up. Prepare and run a retargeting campaign using Facebook Ads that presents a different offer to convince them to join your list.

Sell an Online Course:
A Step-by-Step Guide

Get the ultimate guide by Shane Barker to make sure your online course is an absolute hit.

In this ebook, Shane explains how to use GetResponse to market your course, find the right audience, and how to sell your knowledge for maximum revenue.

Sell an Online Course:<br> A Step-by-Step Guide

Start selling your knowledge

With your audience engaged, use integrated selling tools to start monetizing your expertise. Ready-made
sales funnels, paid webinars, and payment processors convert knowledge and experience into revenue.

Make it easy to buy

Connect your online store with GetResponse or build one from scratch. Promote your products and services directly in your landing pages and emails. Create urgency with countdown timers and spark quick sales.

Send custom offers based on actionable data

Put subscriber information to work by creating segments based on your audience’s characteristics, interests, and preferences. Use this intel in your next email marketing campaign to deliver tailored content.

Automatically recover abandoned carts

Use website visitor tracking to engage with those who haven’t finished their online purchases in your store. Then run a sequence of abandoned cart emails through your marketing automation workflow to follow up with abandoners immediately.

Sell faster with prebuilt sales funnels

Use ready-made, automated sales and paid webinar funnels to build your landing pages, automate your emails, sell your products, recover abandoned orders, and convert your customers. Set it once and enjoy an ongoing stream of sales.

Insights and resources for streamlined and effective sales

How to stay in touch<br> with your customers
How to stay in touch
with your customers

Discover creative ways you can keep in touch with your audience online, plus find new leads along the way.

Complete Guide to Marketing<br> Automation for Ecommerce
Complete Guide to Marketing
Automation for Ecommerce

Build your list, capture leads, and segment your contacts with our automation tools.


Selling knowledge and creating online courses requires thorough planning and execution.
Identify your target audience and design your content and marketing communication
based on their preferences.

Try our digital marketing tools to share knowledge online. Create and deliver compelling
ads, landing pages, and emails that ensure well-run, effective campaigns for a constant
flow of high-quality new leads and sales.

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