How to use scoring?

Scoring helps you track and rate customer actions. You can use the insights that you collect to measure the value of your contact database. Scoring points are a dynamic value that you can increase, decrease or remove depending on your business goals. You can decide which user behavior to award with extra points and which to ignore.

Scoring points are a value assigned to each of your subscriber profiles. Usually, marketers use scoring to assess the value of their customers. When used within marketing automation workflows, scoring dynamically reflects how engaged your customers are with your messages.

Scoring points can help you when you want to search for contacts based on a specific score value.

With scoring you can:

  • Enhance individual subscriber profiles with information reflecting engagement and value.
  • Check the value of your subscribers based on their scores.
  • Add or subtract points based on user behavior.
  • Assign any number of points to any selected activity.
  • Add a specified value to opens, clicks, and many other user actions.
  • Use individual customer scores to build personalized marketing automation workflows. You can build workflows that are score-driven.
  • Build reward programs for your most valuable customers.
  • Build early warning systems to help you identify declining customer loyalty or engagement.
  • Reset customer scores at any time to start over.

What’s the maximum score value I can have?

The maximum score value is 99 999 999 points. This amount can’t be exceeded, even as a result of add-up operations. For example, if a subscriber has 99 999 990 points and one of the marketing automation workflows steps adds 100 points, she’ll end up with a total of 99 999 999 points. A subscriber who’s already collected the maximum amount of points can’t receive extra scoring points.