AI Recommendations

Grow your ecommerce business with the power of AI

Personalize your website's shopping experience and email campaigns with automated,
AI-driven product recommendations.


The recommendation engine that works for you

AI product recommendations uses artificial intelligence to match your
product offerings to the preferences, needs, and habits of each of your store visitors –
suggesting the products and services they’re most likely to buy.

Up to 10%
sales increase thanks to
AI-driven recommendations.
Up to 30%
sales attributed to product
Up to 70%
increase in click-through
on a website or email.
Up to 33%
increase in average
order value

Turn each store visit into a personal experience

Take the guesswork out of the equation with advanced artificial intelligence and its self-adapting
recommendation models
– all designed to meet the needs of every visitor to your website.

  • Maximize conversions with AI
    conversions with AI

    Use self-learning AI to show them
    products with the highest
    probability to convert.

  • Upsell and cross-sell effortlessly
    Upsell and cross-sell

    Increase sales by
    recommending products your
    customers want or need.

  • Improve the UX in your store
    Improve the UX in
    your store

    Make navigating your store
    easy by showcasing your
    best-selling products.

  • Optimize your store in real-time
    Optimize your store
    in real-time

    Analyze traffic and behavior in
    your store with AI to make
    better business decisions.


Increase your ecommerce sales with proven playbooks

Customize the appearance of your recommendations and implement solutions tailored to your needs.
Our team of experts handles all the work for you, so you can focus on other important areas of your business.

Website playbooks

Make navigating your store simple.
Provide your visitors with product
recommendations that matches their interests and

Properly designed multisliders work great in your:

  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Blog articles
Website playbooks

Popup playbooks

Grab your visitors’ attention with a well
-designed and timed popup.

Popups are a perfect tool to:

  • Cross-sell customers with relevant products
  • Recommend alternatives for products that are not available at the moment
Popup playbooks

Email playbooks

Run recurring, automated email campaigns
to engage your customers with personalized
offers or products.

Use AI Recommendations in email marketing

  • Remind customers about their recurring purchases
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Upsell and cross-sell with relevant products
  • Promote your new offers and updates
Email playbooks

There’s more to discover!

Add AI Recommendations to your ecommerce
stack today.

Schedule a demo to learn more about the
complete GetResponse MAX offering and
how we can help you transform your store
into AI-powered, automated machine

There’s more to discover!

Different types of recommendations for all types of needs

Increase sales and win back more customers with the help of AI and its advanced recommendation
systems. Try different types of recommendations. Find what works best to improve your website and
email conversions without expensive development costs.

  • AI-driven maximized conversions

    AI-driven maximized conversions

    Self-learning model that displays recommendations with the highest probability to generate a sale.

  • Most similar in category

    Most similar in category

    AI recommends products based on their similarities in names and descriptions.

  • Most viewed in category

    Most viewed in category

    The algorithm recommends products that get the most views within a specific category.

  • Recently visited in store

    Recently visited in store

    Visitors see product recommendations based on their previous visit to your store.

  • Bestsellers in category

    Bestsellers in category

    Perfect for engaging new visitors to your store, it relies on data from previous buyers.

  • Others also viewed in store

    Others also viewed in store

    Using statistical analysis, AI suggests products that other customers have checked in-store.

  • Bestsellers in store

    Bestsellers in store

    Promotes, in real-time, the most popular products in your store.

  • Rule-driven recommendations

    Rule-driven recommendations

    As a store owner, you define the products you want to promote to your customers.

Expand your ecommerce with an outstanding add-on

AI Recommendations can be added to your GetResponse MAX plan as an additional feature.
Enjoy a seamless implementation handled entirely by our team. Plus, you’ll have full support that
includes best practices and use cases explicitly tailored to your business.


Installed once, optimized forever

Embed AI recommendations in your website to
recommend, upsell, and cross-sell to your customers

when they’re most likely to convert.

With the team of experts on your side, you’ll get:

  • Full implementation of the tool on your website
  • Ready-to-use playbooks tailored to your store
  • Complete support and optimization

One-click integrations with
leading platforms

Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce store by
integrating it with GetResponse MAX.

In a matter of few clicks, you can:

  • Upload and sync your product inventories
  • Upload and sync customer data
  • Copy existing recommendations rules

Automate your sales with ease
– and at scale

Combine the power of marketing automation and AI to
make sales automatically, even when you’re not online.

  • Recover abandoned carts simply and quickly
  • Decrease time-to-sale with price drop workflows
  • Upsell by recommending complementary products
  • Run cross-selling automated campaigns

Our team of experts will help you develop the best automation scenarios for your store.

Automate your sales with ease – and at scale

Sell more with email

Drag and drop the product recommendation box into
your email’s content and grow your sales instantly.

The AI matches products to your recipients’ data in real-
time, ensuring high relevancy and maximizing
conversion rates.

Did you know? Companies that implemented product
recommendations in their emails gained a 300%
increase in revenue and a 50% increase in average
order value.

Resources to help you get the most out of AI Recommendations

AI Recommendations, explained

How does the AI Recommendations feature work? arrow

AI Recommendations feature is an out-of-the-box solution empowering you to make the most of your website and email campaigns.

A team of experts on our side handles all the hard work and maintenance for you, so you can focus on conversion optimization.

The GetResponse MAX solution, on top of implementation, offers you ready-to-go playbooks, mockups, and designs – explicitly prepared for your business needs.

As for the product itself, AI Recommendations uses artificial intelligence to match your product offerings to your website visitors' preferences, needs, and habits. Meaning that each person who visits your website or reads your email sees products they're most likely to buy.

How can I implement it in my store? arrow

All it takes to add automated AI-driven product recommendations to your store is adding a short code snippet to your website's header – no API, no hustle, no stress.

And it's simple as it is effective. All you need to set up product recommendations on your page is to paste a code, and your website's performance won't be affected in any way.

Start with booking your GetResponse MAX demo.

What type of recommendations do you offer? arrow

We made things as simple as possible, that's why our AI recommendations come with several out-of-the-box scenarios just waiting for you to try (and customize):

  • "Others also bought"
  • "Similar products"
  • "Recommended for you"
  • "Continue where you left off"
  • And much more!

  • And you can always use email communication for the most common ecommerce needs as well:

  • Up- and cross-selling
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • And whatever else you envision!