How to assign custom fields during import?

If the list you’re importing contains custom field values, you’ll need to match them to the custom fields you have in your GetResponse account. You can also create a custom field during this step and assign it to the values you’re importing. You complete this step after you’ve selected a list, copied and pasted a list, or connected a service.

The uploaded emails and custom fields—if used—are displayed as a table. The Email column is assigned automatically. If you’d like us to automatically assign the Name field, be sure to include a column header labeled “name” in your file. If your remaining column headers match the custom fields in your GetResponse account, they’ll be automatically assigned, too. Unassigned custom fields are marked with “?”.

Scroll right and left to see all the columns. Click Back to return to the file selection screen.

Note: The page displays 20 rows but we’ll import all the fields in the columns even if you can’t see them.

For unassigned custom fields, you’ll need to:

1. Expand the Assign field.
2. Select one of the available options:

  • Choose a custom field from the list.
  • Select Skip & don’t import.
  • Create a custom field. Note: You can only create text-type custom fields when assigning custom fields.

3. To skip assigning custom fields to all unmatched fields, select Skip columns marked with “?”

4. When you’re done assigning the custom fields, click Import.