Grow your list and nurture subscribers into paying customers

  • Convert traffic

    with signup forms, popups, and landing pages that capture leads.

  • Nurture leads

    by delivering valuable content with newsletters and autoresponders.

  • Score & segment

    to better tailor messaging to your audience’s activity.

Features created to grow and nurture your audience

Design an experience that engages and smoothly leads your website visitors to conversion.

Cater to each step of the customer journey with attention to detail thanks to dedicated tools in a complete email marketing platform.

Features great to generate leads:

Generate, qualify, convert, and build lasting relations


Exceptional emails tailored to the target audience

Reach people with quality content and precision in a simple yet efficient way – with personalized emails. Automate email campaigns and deliver information in an appreciated manner, keeping your audience hooked.

Make your emails extra with:

  • Drag-and-drop creator or customizable templates
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Perfect Timing and Time Travel tools
Thanks to Perfect Timing and Time Travel you can adjust the send-time of emails, so all your contacts receive the message when they’re most likely to engage.

A space to inform, charm, and win new subscribers

Get your business the exposure it deserves. Perk visitors’ interest with stunning landing pages and websites you can build in no time using AI technology.

You can customize one of 200 predesigned templates or design exactly what you imagined from scratch in the drag-and-drop editor.


Catch attention, connect, and grow your contact database

Expand your contact list with forms and popups. Design them with the code-free creator or use predesigned templates.

Signup forms: Easy to embed on landing pages and websites to get more people to subscribe to your list.

Popups: Triggered with selected conditions, popups are great to hook visitors and get them to convert faster.

Thanks to built-in consent fields, forms created in GetResponse ensure GDPR compliance.

Create, run, and analyze paid ads right in your GetResponse account

Design and run remarkable ads right there in your GetResponse account. Drive users to your website from their Facebook, Instagram, or Google searches.

Facebook Ads

Expand your reach with Facebook and Instagram ads created, managed, and tracked in one place.

Google Ads

Run effective pay-per-click campaigns targeting people truly interested in your offer.

Run effective pay-per-click campaigns targeting people truly interested in your offer.

  • Add a Lead Form extension to your ads to get more leads
  • Collect essential data about your audience
  • Target ads on words and phrases relevant to your product
Google Ads

Expand your reach with Facebook and Instagram ads created, managed, and tracked in one place.

  • Target visitors interested in products and services like yours
  • Boost traffic to your website or page and increase conversions
  • Run retargeting campaigns to bring people back to your page
Facebook Ads

More features to enhance your lead generation process

Check out other GetResponse features that can come in handy in lead generation and plan a comprehensive customer experience to win leads, customers, and fans.

  • Web push notifications

    Reach your audience when they’re browsing the web.

  • GetResponse Chats

    Be there for your customers, the moment they need it.

  • SMS marketing

    Easily keep your customers updated thanks to automated SMS campaigns.

  • Advanced segmentation

    Build data-based segments and reach precisely the people you’re aiming for.

  • Predesigned templates

    Save time with predesigned templates for emails, workflows, forms, and pages.

  • Reporting

    Collect data from each feature performance and use it to optimize.

See how our customers started to generate thousands of new leads


Accelerate growth with marketing automation

Create workflows based on users' data and behavior and make each experience personal. Build your ideal customer journey with a visual marketing automation builder or customize one of the prebuilt automation templates designed to convert.

Welcome new contacts

Welcome your new contacts and thank them for signing up. Start the conversation and let them know you’re there for them.

Welcome new contacts

Qualify leads

Start qualifying leads on the basis of type and level of engagement, and adjust their path to conversion.

Qualify leads

Engage leads

Create marketing flows to manage your contact lists. Win back the unengaged and retarget others with new offers and opportunities.

Engage leads

Maintain your list

Use automatically assigned tags and scores to remove the unengaged contacts and keep your list clean.

Maintain your list

Get your business online with a GetResponse free trial

Get started for free today and get your business online with premium email marketing tools, free for 30 days.

Try GetResponse premium features:

  • AI-powered emails & landing pages
  • Newsletters
  • Email autoresponders
  • Popups & forms
  • 24/7 live chat support



Resources to help you optimize your lead generation process

Lead generation explained

What is lead generation and why should I automate it?
Lead generation refers to the ongoing business goal of identifying and converting potential customers with marketing to steer them toward becoming full-fledged buyers. Automating this process allows for creating a more coherent and seamless customer journey while saving time, along with using different mediums, such as social media, website design, email marketing, etc.
Is it possible to integrate SMS marketing into my lead generation strategy?
SMS marketing is a great way to reach prospects and enhance marketing automation. SMS campaigns can be set up to fit the targeted audience and applied at different stages of lead generation. This feature is available from within the platform for GetResponse MAX customers.
Is GetResponse’s lead generation system considered outbound lead generation?
GetResponse lead generation software includes tools for both inbound and outbound campaigns.
Can I apply this as a B2B lead generation system?
Yes, you can choose and combine features and tools suiting your business in a marketing automation workflow.

Create your ideal customer journey and enjoy a stream of new leads

Create your ideal customer journey and enjoy a stream of new leads