Complete lead generation software

Build customer journeys designed for conversion and naturally turn anonymous connections into leads, fans, and customers.


Use this lead generation software to:

Define and attract your audience

Nurture leads with engagement tools

With effective lead generation tools at your disposal, engage your contacts and bring them closer to your brand. Share informative and valuable content and deliver precise email communication.


Deliver personalized experiences at scale

Use your contacts’ data to better target and trigger your email marketing campaigns. Nurture your audience with dedicated offers and content to start converting your new leads into loyal customers.


The lead capture options are atop my list of favorite features. GetResponse provides an excellent selection of tools that make it easy to offer, promote, and deliver value-added content such as ebooks and guides. The analytics and reporting systems then make it very simple to assess what is and isn’t working.

If you want to capture leads and sales without mastering expensive and tricky software, you are bound to love the GetResponse platform.

Barry Feldman Digital Marketing Consultant,
founder of FeldmanCreative

Fill your funnel with new leads

Start your lead generation journey with tools that bring your people closer to you. Run and manage Facebook and Instagram ads directly from GetResponse to grab your audience's attention and turn your landing page traffic into a stream of new opportunities.

Attract people to your venture

To generate new leads, you need to make sure your business is visible to your target audience. Promote your brand and offers with Facebook and Instagram ads. Run and manage your campaigns from one place and turn cold traffic into a marketing opportunity.

Show off your brand and build connections

Direct traffic to your landing page. Show your audience who you are and present your unique selling point. Share informative, relevant content to encourage signups and capture their details with built-in forms.

Automate list building with funnels

Select and use one of the ready-to-go list building funnels. Choose your template scenario with prebuilt Facebook and Instagram ads, landing pages, and an autoresponder series to ensure maximum results from automated lead generation.

Integrations to complement your list growth

Curate your backend of essential tools to easily access and manage your lead generation activities. Connect your key integrations, so you’re ready when the traffic starts flowing.

ZENDESK eventbrite ZOHO CRM Google Contacts

Insights and resources to get you started

Lead Generation 101
Lead Generation 101

Learn what lead generation is in a nutshell. Build a database of contacts and then guide those leads through the buying process until they’re ready to buy.

Get Your First 50 Subscribers
Get Your First 50 Subscribers

Want to build a high-quality email list? Start with the foundations and learn how to create an email list the right way.


Deliver unique experiences that nurture relationships and encourage action

Develop relationships with your leads with engagement-focused tools. Launch an informative email series upon signup to bring your offer closer to your contacts. Share your top content, host webinars that put a face to your brand, and learn your audience’s habits and preferences in the process.

Plan and automate your emails

Use email marketing tools to welcome and nurture your new contacts. Marketing automation lets you deliver triggered email marketing campaigns based on specific actions your audience takes on your emails and pages, or conditions you want to them to fulfill when engaging with your content.

Connect live, or on-demand

Have some news to share about your product or service? Host a webinar and give your contacts a more personal experience with your brand. Use it as an opportunity to attract new prospects. Go live or use your prerecorded webinars and share them on-demand.

Attract your audience with free content

If you have a blog or website, create an ebook from your most popular content and promote it with a lead magnet funnel to attract prospects and nurture existing contacts. With pre-built scenarios your funnel builds itself in minutes, generating new leads automatically.

Use ready-made templates

Want to save time and resources – or maybe you’re just starting out? Newsletter templates, SEO-optimized landing pages, and marketing automation templates make it easy to get started.

Integrations to expand your reach

Integrate GetResponse with key content management and web analytics tools to analyze your campaign results and reach a wider audience.

Google Analytics Google Tag Manager WordPress Instagram facebook

See how these GetResponse customers have generated thousands of new leads

Convert leads into customers with data-driven communication

Analyze your contacts’ engagement and behavior on your website, landing pages, and emails to learn their preferences. Use this information for lead qualification and laser-sharp targeted campaigns that will convert your cold contacts into sales.

Organize your list for better impact

Your GetResponse account is full of actionable data. Analyze it using advanced search and segmentation tools and create segments based on your audience's characteristics, interests, and preferences. Use this intel in your next email marketing campaign to deliver offers tailored to specific needs.

Bring people back to your page

Take advantage of the Facebook Pixel pre-installed in your landing pages. Create ads to target people who visited your page but left without signing up (or buying) and win back their attention.

Reward loyalty and engagement

Automatically assign tags and scores based on what your audience does, and where they do it. Score contacts automatically based on their level of engagement. Then use marketing automation to win back less engaged contacts and show some love to your biggest fans.

Insights and resources to re-engage your leads and maximize conversions

Increase Engagement with Personalized Messages
Increase Engagement with Personalized Messages

Learn how to use dynamic content in your email campaigns to deliver highly-personalized experiences.

Improve Your Email Marketing Metrics
Improve Your Email Marketing Metrics

Your first-hand resource to understand your key metrics and know where to look to find ways of improving them. In this guide, we’ve gathered 20 ideas how you can start optimizing your campaigns.


To get your business up and running, you need to make it ready to attract, welcome, and nurture your leads until they become loyal advocates of your brand.

Try our high-converting lead generation software and tools. Create and deliver compelling ads, landing pages, and emails that ensure well-run, effective campaigns for a constant flow of new high-quality leads.