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The Residual Entrepreneur

I tried several email marketing services before and, hands down, GetResponse was the one for me. Since I started using GetResponse my open rate improved by 300%. The benefits are crystal; I put things on autopilot and never have to look at them again. The list grows, the functionality works, and the process does exactly what it’s designed to do… set it and forget it.

Finally, what really won me over is GetResponse Customer support. It differs in the sense that you guys are pleased to talk to us. I know you actually care about us. You tend to reach out and make sure we are happy, and quite often. When I see an email from you guys,
I smile :)

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  • Boris Zatezic

  • CEO,
We at MuLondon have been using GetResponse for years and love their rich features and great customer service. With their help, we can reach more of our customers, helping us to grow and make an even bigger impact on the world around us. We don’t have to think about deliverability issues, invalid emails or bounces, and can quickly see how our emails are performing. This leaves more time for us to whip up organic skin care products for everyone to enjoy!.
  • Tara Cosca

  • Director of Marketing at C4CM
GetResponse not only competes with the larger platforms, but also exceeds them in customer service, usability, and deliverability! We see GetResponse as an integrated platform for our online marketing. We chose GetResponse because it was cost-effective and easy to use, and had flexible contract terms. In fact, the transition to GetResponse Enterprise was smooth with no major hiccups thanks to the onboarding and training sessions.
  • Damian Borowiec

  • Marketing Manager at Lavito
GetResponse is our secret weapon against the competition, because it combines all the essential digital tools we need: from newsletters and surveys to landing pages and marketing automation. As a result, we can optimize the costs and manage all our marketing activities using only one tool.
  • Brian Warner

  • Only In Your State Co-founder
From features to deliverability to customer service, GetResponse is an excellent platform. I looked into every major email service provider, and GetResponse was the choice ultimately because its API allowed us to manage everything exactly how we needed to do it. From a technical and delivery standpoint, everything has been great. We are looking forward to working directly with them to continue growing!
Feldman Creative
  • Barry Feldman

  • Feldman Creative
I invested almost a year with another popular solution that I had to give up on because it was too clunky and difficult to master. GetResponse has made my foray into marketing automation much easier and more rewarding. I’m satisfied. The product doesn’t make you want to say “to hell with automation!”. One aspect that shines within GetResponse is lead capture. GetResponse provides an amazing selection of tools that make it easy to offer, promote, and deliver value-added content such as ebooks and guides. And GetResponse enables you to experiment endlessly and make the necessary refinements.
Marketing Manager at Curtiss-Wright
  • Patricia Moyer

  • Marketing Manager at Curtiss-Wright
We are on the right track to achieve our goals using GetResponse. We still have a lot of work to do, but without a doubt we’ll accomplish it with GetResponse’s help. It’s a great tool to reach current and potential customers all over the world. It supports our international growth by allowing multiple email languages and delivering them at the same time globally. We have improved our demo and lead requests after we started using GetResponse. We just upgraded our package and can’t wait to try the new features!
Aperitivi Sociali Parma
  • Gianluca Bellini

  • Aperitivi Sociali Parma
The best app for newsletters I’ve ever tried! The control panel is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. It helps you create an email through a series of guided steps: just follow the steps one at a time and you can easily create wonderful newsletters. The visual email editor is so easy to use and fun. Just drag what you want (image, text, button) into the newsletter and you’re done. Simple and beautiful. And the autoresponder feature is so intuitive that you don’t even need instructions how to configure it. The app is continuously enriched with new features that help deliver the emails at the right time. Technical assistance is available 24 hours a day and it’s a real gem. They are extremely knowledgeable and prepared to solve problems in an instant, at any time of day or night without the wait. Honestly, I’ve never used such a wonderful app. MailChimp in comparison makes you laugh.. I’m giving them a 5-star rate, but it would take at least 10.
  • Noel Boivin

  • UNESCO Bangkok
We chose GetResponse as the platform for our revamped regional newsletter and have been delighted with our selection. From a simple and intuitive design interface to efficient and effective distribution, GetResponse has made our newsletter creation and distribution process straightforward and enabled us to keep our focus where it needs to be - on developing our content. Whenever questions have arisen, online customer support representatives have been prompt and helpful in setting us on the right track.
Platinum Success
  • Daniel Hrebenak

  • Platinum Success
I have worked with GetResponse Enterprise for several years and I can say that it is the most effective tool for email marketing that you will find. I have had the privilege to use a plethora of Email Service Providers and GetResponse outperforms the competition at every turn.

As I managed email data for several top eCommerce stores, in some cases we noticed a 200% increase in email ROI. GetRespone tools, combined with the ease of use, guarantee such results within the reach of any marketer, regardless of experience.

The support I received was unprecedented. Not only were all of my technical questions addressed, but I was given industry insights and professional advice by a dedicated account manager who went to any and all lengths necessary to make sure I succeeded as an email marketer. GetResponse does also a spectacular job in incorporating feedback from customers to improve the platform's functionalities and UX.

I would suggest GetResponse to any email marketer at any stage. While beginners will feel comfortable with GetResponse's intuitive and logical UX, those of use who have advanced technical knowledge will also find that GetResponse Enterprise soars above the competition in all of the features and pushes the boundary of what an ESP can do for its customers.

It is with great pride that I say I am a GetResponse email marketer and I strongly recommend GetResponse as an unequivocal leader in the Email Service Provider industry.
Scania Poland S.A.
  • Katarzyna Kobus • Communication Coordinator

  • Scania Poland S.A.
I have worked with GetResponse for several years. Their platform is very functional and ensures us access to the latest email marketing solutions. What I value the most is their professional approach and sense of security they give us. What’s more, the communication with our Account Manager is smooth and easy, and he is always very accurate, paying attention to details. Thanks to such a partnership, all the complex activities are now simple and pleasant.
Dave Brody
  • Dave Guindon

“I have been building and selling my online software products since 2002, and my primary source of revenue always comes from email marketing. Since I changed providers, moving over to GetResponse, I noticed my open rates have increased by a whopping 60% and click-through rates have increased as much as 200%. Since I’m a software developer, I can say firsthand that GetResponse has an awesome interface, making it super-simple to get my email publications out fast. Not only that, the support is absolutely TOP-NOTCH! In fact, the support department contacts me on a regular basis to make sure everything is going well… talk about absolutely amazing support! WE LOVE IT! If you do one thing in your online business this year, make sure to integrate GetResponse… you won’t regret it, guaranteed!”
Brenda Cleland
  • Brenda Cleland

GetResponse is the ultimate system to use to be able to track traffic to your website. Having the ability to create emails, and attractive newsletters right there in the program is very handy. The easy to use autoresponder management area makes it very easy to plan your campaign, I especially like the Calendar view. The email analytics is really detailed so you can really track the different aspects of your campaign. They even have web forms and landing pages. No one in business that is running an online marketing campaign should be without GetResponse.
Chris Towland
  • Chris Towland

I have personally used GetResponse for over 10 years and have always been impressed with the features, the high email delivery rates and the quality of the customer service.
GetResponse has helped me to grow a significant number of very large and profitable email lists for both myself and my clients.
In my business I help restaurants to grow a large email list of their customers and potential customers and I always recommend that they use GetResponse because I know it is a system that they can trust and most importantly, will get them results.
Fernando Augusto
  • Fernando Augusto

I am one of the more well-known web marketers in Brazil, as well as a top MLM leader.
I use GetResponse as my main and favorite system for sending emails and tracking my prospects.
What I like most about GetResponse is the ease of creating landing pages and configuring the email campaigns.
I use and recommend GetResponse as a professional tool!
Genecia Alluora
  • Genecia Alluora

GetResponse has changed the way that I interact with new and current clients in my business. GetResponse's tools are practical and simple, and they create massive results.
I seriously no longer stress over failed email broadcasts, or missing emails. Before using GetResponse I’d have sleepless nights worrying over my emails not being sent out, or some technical breakdown, now it’s not a problem. It’s also important to acknowledge that you don't use a tool like this and it fixes everything forever. You have to continually work at this, learning its "language" but the support and knowledge base make it easy.
Marko Huemer
  • Marko Huemer

As an online marketing agency, we specialize in the construction of ROI our customers. 
In this process, email marketing plays a fundamental role.

We have tested all the providers and ultimately rely on GetResponse.


1.) The speed and professionalism of the support team

2.) Feedback from customers is always considered

3.) The prices are unbeatable

Conclusion: This is the most customer-friendly company combined with absolute simplicity of autoresponders. We can recommend this service to anyone who works with email marketing and landing pages!
Rogerio Zarattini Chebabi
  • Rogerio Zarattini Chebabi

I have a consulting and training company and tried all of the email marketing and Brazilian systems available. I could only achieve open rates of 0.1 to 0.5%. With GetResponse everything changed. I have achieved open rates of 10% to 17%, which is extraordinary. This has increased my customer-base and my sales have increased considerably. It is easy to use helps you achieve fast results.
Ashok Grover
  • Ashok Grover

I always thought that all email marketing services were alike until I experienced GetResponse, which became a natural choice for me. The biggest reason for this decision was the kind of flexibility it provides for designing and fine-tuning my own templates. In fact, based on my past experience elsewhere, I approached software developers to freeze a template for me. But, to my surprise, I didn’t need it anymore. Not only that, with a fixed template, I was not able to make even minor changes. GetResponse made me a free bird... and of course, there is much more, A/B testing, auto-responder, landing pages, List booster, the list goes on.
Alex Kiziah
  • Alex Kiziah

GetResponse is my favorite email marketing provider and the one I recommend to all of my clients and friends. I tried several other solutions first that were near the same price point, but none could compare to the simplicity of GetResponse. Simplicity is one of the main reasons I'm sticking around and why I recommend it to everyone. Even the high end solutions out there can't beat the simplicity and amazing features GetResponse offers.
Angelos Kyritsis
  • Angelos Kyritsis

I had been using another autoresponder for more than two years before I made the transition to GetResponse, and it was the best move I have ever made. GetResponse has perfect support for my mother language, Greek, the interface is intuitive, the delivery rate is awesome. The creation of web forms and landing pages is easy, even for non-technical people. I have grown my list by over 1,500 subscribers since the move to GetResponse, and I will be a customer for the foreseeable future. Thanks for everything.
Bruce Blaustein
  • Bruce Blaustein

GetResponse has helped take my land business to a whole new level. Building and managing my subscriber list is key to growing my business. GetResponse makes it so easy to create newsletters, either from scratch or using one of their many professional looking templates. Once I complete a newsletter, I can send it right away or schedule it for sometime in the future, even when I’m sleeping. I can send a newsletter to my entire list or just pick a select group. Since using GetResponse, I am no longer flagged by my ISP for sending bulk emails. I can’t wait to try their new Landing Pages. They also have an awesome support team. Thank you, GetResponse.
Bojan Doroslovac
  • Bojan Doroslovac

I have been using GetResponse for more than a year now. I tried other systems and in the end, GetResponse remained the most efficient and simple to use. I create my newsletters in a matter of minutes and they look good and professional. It is the most straight forward and user friendly on the market. Also, the price is very realistic and affordable for beginners and experienced users too.
Bob Lotich
  • Bob Lotich

I have been in email marketing for over 6 years and have tried 3 of the other major email marketing services. After having major customer service issues at other companies (including not having phone support for one), I decided to try GetResponse because of their reputation for great service. After contacting the GetResponse support team on probably a dozen occasions, I am convinced that GetResponse has by far the best customer service out there.
Casey Hicks
  • Casey Hicks

Ever since I started marketing online, the only email marketing provider I've ever used has been GetResponse, and I've never had a reason to even think about switching.

Every time I've ever had a problem or question, their support has been right there to quickly help me along.

I love their easy to use tools, and would recommend GetResponse to anyone who has or wants to build an email list, beginners and veterans alike.
Cherie King
  • Cherie King

I have used GetResponse for YEARS and have always been nothing less than satisfied with their service. I've tried others but in my opinion, nothing compares to the ease of use that GetResponse offers. And they just keep getting BETTER... always staying on the pulse of what's working now and providing features to help business owners even further their efforts, such as the addition of the new Landing Page, which I LOVE! They provide such great value and at great deal. I always tell my business colleagues that I am and always will be a GetResponse girl!
Cerj Lalonde
  • Cerj Lalonde

I have been a GetResponse customer for almost two years now. I have tried other systems before, like Infusionsoft (which is so complex that it is a full time job) and AWeber which has less colorful and lively templates. That is what I like about GetResponse: the versatility, the ease of use and the very lively Landing Pages or Newsletters. The process is very intuitive, including the Web Forms and the many features offered by GetResponse. I also like the statistic/analytic panels, the sequencing of emails with the Autoresponder, funneling of “contacts”. Furthermore, the price of the services is totally competitive. Maybe the foremost feature of GetResponse for me is the customer service, live, on the phone, with courteous, professional and knowledgeable agent who would take all the time needed to solve your issue - without having to wait forever!
Dean Bielanowski
  • Dean Bielanowski

Prior to signing up to GetResponse to manage our email marketing campaigns, we were using a system which was far more time-consuming, less flexible, and resulted in a lower response rate from our customers.

Now using GetResponse as our primary customer communication and marketing portal, we are finding our customers are more responsive and engaging with us and purchase more of our products. I personally have found the GetResponse interface to be faster to use than previous methods, and the ability to schedule emails has meant we are able to remain in contact with our customers and keep them in the loop 7 days per week without having to produce emails in our weekend time better spent with the family.

Since using GetResponse, we have found our sales data to be on an upward trend and we are wasting far less time managing our subscriber database as the system allows our customers to manage their own subscription to the email list.

While not every email marketing system is perfect, we have found GetResponse to be one of the more reliable and innovative systems currently available, and they seem to be constantly adding to and improving existing features of the service.

Overall, we have found using the GetResponse has increased our direct product sales, while maintaining a professional image in our email communications, all with less effort. The other major advantage is that we can do all this readily on mobile devices as well. No more being tied to the office desktop computer.
Dan Kidd
  • Dan Kidd

I have been using GetResponse for several years. I'm so happy with the service that I actively recommend and promote it. As a result, GetResponse has become one of the most popular services in the Russian market. But... let's get specific, and talk about what I really enjoy most about GetResponse:

1. Quality. GetResponse works perfectly. All newsletters are delivered perfectly.
2. Great usability. I don't know another email marketing service (but I have tried a lot of them) that is as easy to use.
3. Support. I have no words about support - it's on the highest level. All problems, all mistakes (even from my side) are solved very fast. Support understands you quickly (even though I am not a native English speaker) and they delve in your problems and help you every time.

These three key advantages have made GetResponse the best service for me. Not even to mention the increase in revenues I've been able to enjoy from working with GetResponse.
Felipe Restrepo Z.
  • Felipe Restrepo Z.

  • ClickSimil Corp. :
Let me keep it simple... GetResponse changed the way I do email marketing. Don't get me wrong, I've used a bunch of famous email marketing platforms, but GetResponse has a lot more built-in capabilities: A/B split testing and powerful segmentation; the kinds of things an advanced marketer needs to use and costs hundreds in other platforms. I won't even talk about the deliverability because it's simply amazing. Thank you guys!
Greg Jeffries
  • Greg Jeffries

GetResponse is, in my opinion, the most cost-effective and easy to use autoresponder solution out there. It’s great for those new to email marketing and it’s packed with several features for the more advanced user. It’s what I use and what I recommend to anyone looking to build an email list.
Henry Diaz
  • Henry Diaz

During my online experience I had the opportunity to test three different autoresponder services.

I didn't need to go for the fourth one because I fell in love with the third service I tried, GetResponse! Why did I choose their service and why do I stick with them? Because the QUALITY is outstanding and the platform is smooth. I haven't experienced any bugs or frozen screens (which I experienced with the first two autoresponder services I tried).

I feel secure when editing my broadcast with GetResponse. The great-looking and user friendly aspects of their platform help me to save time when I am re-using a message, using it as a template, or tracking the results of a campaign.

The price is more than affordable for anyone just starting out. Finally, the Support Team is always there when I need them and are very kind and knowledgeable.
Joy Blakeney
  • Joy Blakeney

I just want to say that using GetResponse for my businesses has been great! I'm learning how to create awesome landing pages and newsletters to help promote my businesses - one as a life coach and the other is an independent distributor for a direct marketing company. I love the customer service - very helpful and answered ALL my questions and got me up and running again. You guys are the best!
Julia Proctor
  • Julia Proctor

GetResponse THE best email program, in my opinion. Almost never offline, GetResponse is always available for me to contact my temp employees when I have a last-minute gig that needs a large number of people. Simple, easy to use, and beautiful graphics make me love using the service several times a month, sometimes several times a week. Very reasonably priced, it is certainly the smartest investment our company has made to keep us in touch with our workers. We have never gotten a single complaint from anyone receiving an email, and in fact, I often get replies immediately within a couple of minutes of sending out a message with GetResponse. Keep up the good work and we will continue to use your services as long as we are in business.
Jeremias Smith
  • Jeremias Smith

  • Smith & Associates Media
I've been using GetResponse for the last several years. Out of all the email systems I've tried, GetResponse is the most intuitive. Plus, their customer service is the best bar none, always available via online chat, email or phone. I'm a customer for life!
Kelly Mickiewicz
  • Kelly Mickiewicz

I tried GetResponse when I was looking for an autoresponder service and I fell in love with it. It is no wonder that it is the best email service I’ve used so far. It even has a 1 month free trial to test before buying. The autoresponder function is really easy to use and saved me much time and effort. When some one asks me which service to use, I always recommend GetResponse. If you want to increase your sales then don't miss it.
Leonardo Añez
  • Leonardo Añez

I have been using GetResponse for over a year and it is the best way to keep in touch with your prospects. It's so easy to use!

With GetResponse I was able to sell my products and services online, all while establishing an excellent relationship with my audience.

The GetResponse autoresponder is the best on the market and the customer service quality is excellent.
Michelle Braun
  • Michelle Braun

I’m new to email and content marketing, so I have had lots of questions. I’ve been pleased with the online support (videos, FAQ’s, etc.). And when I haven’t been able to find the information I need that way, I’ve been thrilled with the prompt replies via LiveChat chat, e-mail and phone. So helpful!

I also really love the Autoresponder Calendar - and that I’m able to drag-n-drop messages from one date to another. I’ve shown some of my experienced content marketing friends this feature, and they’re jealous!
Mario D. Silva
  • Mario D. Silva

GetResponse has always provided me with the best open rates and I've always found the email creator of GetResponse to be the most sexy, rapid and efficient.

We have everything needed to run a successful business inside GetResponse: autoresponders, Landing Page creator, Web forms, Surveys, detailed statistics and more.

The LiveChat customer service is always there when I have questions, there is practically no waiting time.

We get to take advantage of the best prices in the industry, and heck everyone gets a 30 free trial! Nothing can beat GetResponse!

Thank you for being there for us entrepreneurs, I love you GetResponse.
Phil Fogliani
  • Phil Fogliani

I have been using GetResponse for one year now and I don't know how I ever survived without it before. I have used other similar programs but none of them compare to GetResponse. When I first started, I didn't even know how to send out a simple newsletter, let alone how to use the many other great features. But the simple to learn tutorials had me up and running in no time. Now I have several different lists that I am sending to every day. It has helped me grow my business and reach more people. I highly recommend this great service to anyone interested in growing their business.
Paulo Santoro
  • Paulo Santoro

I'm a writer from Brazil, and I found in GetResponse a great partner in the pursuit of my major goal: to keep in touch with my readers. I have tested other sites, but GetResponse offers an excellent service for a fine price. With the email editor, I can create great looking messages, my favourite feature on the site: I can easily place images, bars and text where I want to see them. I keep track of the readers, I set autoresponders, I can resend past messages... and I am instantly helped by chat when I need. Honestly, I can't ask for more.
Pavel Tolpezhnikov
  • Pavel Tolpezhnikov

I first began working with GetResponse three years ago, and liked the thoughtful service functionality and reliability. I began to use it more and more, and also began recommending it to my clients. It is a reliable, simple and convenient solution for email marketing – and an extremely important part in world of online business. GetResponse, is in my opinion, the best solution in the market. Moreover, now that the service is available in the Russian language, I am pleased that my recommendations to improve the translation and service as a whole is usually implemented almost immediately.
Rodrigo Claudio
  • Rodrigo Claudio

As a Physical Education teacher living in Brazil, I can honestly thank GetResponse for the extra income I am able to bring in from my email marketing efforts.

I can summarize GetResponse and its customer care in three ways: fast, efficient, and 24 hours. Though honestly, I've only needed the online support twice because the account is so easy to navigate.

The introduction of the new Landing Pages also helped me when I needed it the most. I needed to create a page for webinar and did not want to have to create a new page on my site for it. But I quickly perked up when I realized that in less than 10 minutes I was be able to create one in a few clicks without having to mess around with HTML coding.

GetResponse, thank you for offering me an excellent service at a bargain price.
Roy Fielding
  • Roy Fielding

If you are looking for a reliable autoresponder service with all the extras you could ever ask for, look no further than GetResponse... all the features in one place, everything you need for today's list building domination. Their API and Facebook integration is the tops too!
Regina Luffey
  • Regina Luffey

I have been using GetResponse for about 6 months. I started with a trial version and found it to be much more user friendly than some of the other email marketing software products. I canceled my subscription to the other guy's products. I joined GetResponse, and haven't looked back. GetResponse has proven to be able to accommodate all my email marketing needs. They now offer Landing Pages to assist with list building for my business. I now have over 400 members in my email list and GetResponse has been able to support me every step of the way in creating inviting and beautiful emails to my Client base. Thank you GetResponse. Thank you for making it easy to grow my business and get my message out with that personal touch that I want to provide to my Clients.
Shirley George Frazier
  • Shirley George Frazier

Business is full of complications. The last thing I need is a learning curve to figure out how to contact clients who want information about my products and services.

When I changed from another email marketing service to GetResponse, the learning curve became a straight line.

GetResponse does what an email marketing and management program is supposed to do: make the process easy and effective in less time.

If I have a problem or question, customer service knows the answer and stays on the line with me until it's fixed.

As a successful entrepreneur, I have a lot on my plate. GetResponse's service allows me to easily market to my audience with no complications.
Tom Kane
  • Tom Kane

After several tests of different email marketing solutions, both English-speaking and German markets, I opted for GetResponse.

What convinced me was how easy it was to use and it's multi-language platform. I work both in English and German markets and also in Brazil. Because of that I need an email marketing solution to include all of those languages, and in my opinion very few do.

The simple Integration of GetResponse, for example in WordPress and Optimize Press has also convinced me. For me, GetResponse is an indispensable tool in my daily work as an online marketer.
Winter Green
  • Winter Green

I’m the Director to New Zealand based charitable Trust, Common Knowledge. Our Trust has been selling Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® multi-media resource online since 2000. We used AWeber for a number of years but the ability to create landing pages, newsletters, surveys and even modify web forms was just not possible. Early in 2014 I discovered the Warrior Forum and asked what software/services others were using to create landing pages etc. Not one person mentioned GetResponse. I explored ALL the suggestions and none suited me. Frankly I have no idea how I stumbled across GetResponse, but the free 30 day trial absolutely lit up my life. GetResponse offered more than I had hoped for. I can’t speak highly enough about what GetResponse offers in terms of templates, design and ease of use … it’s brilliant. And there’s more. They offer not-for-profits a generous discount which no other service does and their support services is absolutely marvelous. Who ever you are in the back-end of GetResponse, just know how grateful this small charitable organization is!
Aisha Williams
  • Aisha Williams

"I switched to GetResponse after using the competitor’s platform and I love the system. The platform is much more user friendly and easier to use. I just wanted to thank you for following up with me throughout my trial and providing great service, (alas I didn’t receive this great service from your competitor).

As I am so pleased with GetResponse, I will be upgrading to the paid service… and I am sure I will receive the same great service I have received this far. I would like to thank Jacob for everything and I hope he will continue to be my account manager."
Laura Seabrook
  • Laura Seabrook

“The Customer Service is Amazing! I really appreciated the phone call I received the day after I joined, just letting me know that they are always there to support me. And they keep their promises. The 24 x 7 Live Chat allows me to contact them anytime I need support, and they’re always there to help.”
Jenish Pandya
  • Jenish Pandya

“I have been using GetResponse for over a year now and I absolutely love it. What really won me over is their 24 x 7 chat support, which helps get your questions answered really quickly and easily. It becomes extremely helpful when you want to get something sorted out that is really simple, and waiting for an email response for a day or two is just not warranted. They are also pretty active on social media (Facebook and Twitter), so they are very easy to get hold of, even outside the GetResponse environment.

As an engineer, I really appreciate good products and was astonished by their front-end. It’s almost like child’s play. They have created a drag & drop system to make life easy, and it comes in really handy if you are not that tech savvy. They also have a cool feature called Inbox Preview that lets you see exactly how an email will appear on your reader’s screen, considering their email client, browser, operating system, and device.

So if you don’t have an autoresponder service or you are thinking of changing from your current one, then GetResponse is definitely worth a shot.”
Michael Simpson Jr
  • Michael Simpson Jr.

“It was a very close race, I will say, between GetResponse and AWeber. But in the end, I gave the edge to GetResponse. The greatest thing about it is that you can personalize and customize emails toward a goal. For example, when someone signs up to my newsletter, they immediately receive a welcome email. A few days later they receive a discount on one of my favorite products. And from that point they receive periodic (weekly) communications that help them grow their online business. And the Free Trial… Guys, GetResponse made my jaw drop with that one. No credit card… no information required… just a genuine and honest 30-day free trial. What really won me over is their Customer support. It differs in the sense that you guys are pleased to talk to us. I know you actually care about us. When I see an email from you guys I smile. :)”
Vivian Lou
  • Vivian Lou

“I have been using GetResponse for three years and I must say it is the best service I’ve used so far. Compared to other email marketing tools, GetResponse is extremely easy to use and cost effective. After moving all our email marketing to GetResponse, our email open rates improved by 30% and CTR by 50%. GetResponse helped me create multiple campaigns that reach all my clients with relevant content. I confidently recommend it to everyone who wants to boost sales by increasing email marketing reach and making existing clients loyal.”
Cory Boatright
  • Cory Boatright

“Once we started noticing email deliverability issues with our old email provider, we had to look at other alternatives. We looked at some of the “top” choices available, but decided to go with GetResponse Enterprise (dedicate server). The user interface is the most intuitive our team has ever seen. We were impressed with the ability to create incredible looking email templates “on the fly”. But what won us over was the ability to split test all elements of the emails. After we started using GetResponse Enterprise, we no longer needed many other services and were able to cancel them. We noticed our deliverability increased significantly, and open rates shot through the roof. I highly recommend that you work with the GetResponse Enterprise team. We get a dedicated representative and feel a very “white glove” service level compared to being just “another number” with our other provider. Remember… be a servant, Cory Boatright”
Ram Shengale
  • Ram Shengale

“I think GetResponse is one of the best email marketing service providers out there. There are a lot of alternatives on the market, like AWeber and Mail Chimp. But I think GetResponse is way better. I have been using GR for 10 months now, and my journey has been absolutely seamless. I'll definitely stick with them. They provide a one-month free trial with all features, no credit card required. So it's 100% safe to give it a try. What astounds me is their great customer service. All CS representatives I’ve talked to are competent, well informed and, most of all, willing to help. That is rare these days.”
Kenneth Hart
  • Kenneth Hart

“Switching to GetResponse has been one of the best decisions we have made. It’s just brilliant, so easy to use and the support is great! What I like most is the simplicity of creating mobile-responsive newsletters and landing pages. I can highly recommend GetResponse to anyone looking to effectively engage their audience.”
Wilson Lau
  • Wilson Lau

“GetResponse is unique in terms of its easy to use drag-and-drop email creator. It is much more intuitive, compared to other email marketing platforms I’ve used. Creating a newsletter now takes me only 2 minutes. This saves me time I can spend focusing on web development and a proper marketing strategy. Since I started using GetResponse, the click-through-rate of my emails has improved by 230%, which has a direct impact on my sales.”
  • Konsti

"Dear GetResponse Team, a quick e-mail to express you my gratitude. I have 4 years of experience in Internet marketing. And I've spent a lot of money on different online services.Yes, GetResponse! Your service made me a few times literally ecstatic! Here's why. GetResponse is so easy to use. It's intuitive, simple and very EFFECTIVE. Most of the time, when trying something new, there's a learning curve. But with you... I could start immediately. And if I need to know something, I check out the rich library of tutorials. And if I have additional questions, your customer service helps me out... instantly. Let me give you an example of what I mean by effective. I write a newsletter and when the writing part is finished, 60 seconds later the newsletter is sent out (or scheduled) to a targeted segment. How quick and easy was that! Your follow-up system equals literally a passive income system. I have a follow up sequence programmed for 4 months. You subscribe today. You'll keep receiving my follow-ups for 4 months. And that's only the beginning. I'm adding gradually more and more follow-ups until I reach the limit of your system. The problem is... There is no limit! Could you imagine what will happen if you have follow-ups programmed for a year? 2 years? 3 years? You could go on a holiday for 3 years, and your system will keep making money! Your advanced segmentation feature allows me to significantly boost my open and click through rates. Sometimes by 50%! Guess what that means... 50% more traffic... 50% more conversions... 50% more revenues! Your customer service is one of the best. Very friendly, professional, effective and... FAST! If my problem can't be solved immediately, then it gets solved less than 24 hours. And in most cases, it gets solved immediately. No stress... No friction... Only trust and peace of mind. You also listen to us, your customers. When innovating, you ask us for our opinion. And I like that customer driven innovation approach very much, because it makes us feel secure (we're being taken care of) and most important, it satisfies our needs and wants! And let's be honest here. You also have some weak points. Who doesn’t? But those weak points are minor ones. They're small details that don't matter much (if you're a result driven marketer like me, those minor details don't matter at all). The best part is that you know your weak points, you ask for our opinion and you take care of them... quickly! You've proven it over and over and over again in the past. You keep proving it. You keep improving! You keep amazing me! In a nutshell, from a technical AND a human point of view, you're not only effective... you're EFFICIENT! You're BY FAR the best online experience I've ever had! Props to the whole GetResponse team and thanks again"
Peter King
  • Peter King

"Recently I used the GetResponse Web Forms wizard to create an opt-in form for a free download on my site It was a breeze to use, and literally within minutes I had the new form installed. A strong feature of GetResponse is the Video Tutorials area. On the odd occasion I am unsure about how to do something that is where I go and invariably the problem is solved. GetResponse is a quality product with excellent support. Keep up the great work."
Shen Li Lee
  • Shen-Li Lee

"What I love about GetResponse is that they offer a free account for you to try out and build up a list before your paid subscription starts. That way you get to try before you buy. The other feature I really like is being able to link your blog updates to your newsletters which adds content for your subscribers! That way you can automatically notify your subscribers whenever you posted a new blog post."
  • Jules

"I have been using GetResponse for close to a year and I've experienced excellent service from them. What astounds me is the fast response I get from their customer service representative. Whatever is bugging is given timely response and solution and my blog is better for it. I would recommend GetResponse to any serious internet marketer any day any time."
Dave Alexander
  • Dave Alexander

"Thank you for all the terrific online tools you provide for email marketing! They are easy to use with terrific training videos and live chat to help with my learning curveon new products and features. This is simply a "must have" for any website focused on building their online communities."
Marc Enfroy
  • Marc Enfroy

"GetResponse helps me capture the attention of instrumental piano music lovers and communicate with them easily and affordably.Having researched all the main players in the e-mail marketing space, I can confidently say that GetResponse offers the most value for the money."
Glenn H. Kipps
  • Glenn H. Kipps

"I have used the GetResponse autoresponder service for years now and have been extremely satisfied with it. I am also impressed with the recent integration with FB and Twitter. My newsletters can now reach more people and they have gotten a few more subscribers through posting them on FB and tweeting them. GetResponse keeps changing to keep up with the times. I would never go to another autoresponder service. There is really no need to do so."
Georgette Pann
  • Georgette Pann

"I've been with GetResponse for many years. I love the ease of use and upgrades. But most importantly, the extremely high level of customer service - exceptional and veryimportant for solving problems or just helping customers. This high level of customer support is far superior to any other service I have tried and a great complement to the awesome GetResponse products and services!"
Scott Bradley
  • Scott Bradley

  • Rapid Results Marketing Group LLC
"GetResponse is a company I know I can trust. Not only do they provide superior support, but even more so they make it so easy to use their top of the line product."
Joyce Moore
  • Joyce Moore

  • Moore Than Fitness
"I love GetResponse Video Email Marketing. Through the power of video email, our clients felt like I was actually there face to face asking them to take action. Our conversion rate went up 200% within 1 week of use. It is well worth the investment, I pay $18 per month and make about $300 per week per campaign automatically because of video emailing."
William Debauchez & Team
  • William Debauchez & Team

  • ILGSystem, represent iLearning Global on 5 continents
"We use video follow-ups to maintain interest in our offerings and video email newsletters to announce upcoming events. I get around 50% more direct responses from video emailscompared to conventional email! As an author myself, I believe that words matter, but when you need to convince someone to opt-in or sign up, nothing beats video! And GetResponse video email isn't just for experienced marketers - anyone can use it."
Maartin Strydom
  • Maartin Strydom

"I am just amazed with the level of support and friendliness I experienced. I can see that this is going to be a long-time business relationship which will hopefully bear wonderful fruits."
Angela Perin
  • Angela Perin

"Your customer service is excellent and very helpful - thank you. I've had a few queries since I've been using GetResponse, and replies are always timely, courteous, and informative. Keep up the good work!"
Bill Enross
  • Bill Enross

"The benefits I receive from the seemingly endless capabilities and flexibility of the GetResponse PRO have enabled me to not only increase my income, but also explode my list with genuinely interested prospects using the PowerLeadsCampaigns. The level of Personal, Professional support both by email and phone is unmatched anywhere at any price."
Helaine Iris
  • Helaine Iris

"I'm a new GetResponse user. I did a lot of research on price and features to find a reliable service to automate my online newsletter and mailing list prospects. I'm very satisfied with what I found in GetResponse. Also, being new to the world of autoresponders, the customer support team at GetResponse was incredibly helpful and generous getting me up and running fast. GetResponse is easy and it works. Now I have time to focus on what I do best. I heartily recommend GetResponse."
Bill Lampton
  • Bill Lampton

"On more than one occasion, I have had telephone assistance from your customer service specialists. Every time, they demonstrate courtesy, concern, and patience.I feel that they are genuinely interested in assisting me. Just as important, they use the opportunity to teach me more about the system. Check my Web site, and you will see that I speak about and direct seminars on Customer Care. Your customer service has given me several positive examples I will use in my next presentation, and possibly in my newsletter. From the outset, I have been pleased with your product. It's a double pleasure to receive such service when I need it. You can be sure that I recommend GetResponse to my associates."

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