How to add individual contacts directly to my list?

This method of adding contacts is most useful when you want to add a single email address to your list. You can add up to 50 contacts a day using this method. You can assign custom fields to your contacts as you’re adding their names and addresses.

Before you begin

People you’re planning to enter into your database must give you permission to do so before you start adding their addresses to your list. This is a single opt-in method of adding contacts. The added contacts won’t receive a confirmation email and won’t be able to confirm their subscription to your list afterwards.

Adding contacts to a list

To add a new contact by hand:
1. Go to Contacts and click Add contacts.
2. Choose a list from the dropdown menu.

add to autoresponder cycle setting.

If you’d like for the contacts to start receiving autoresponders, select Add to autoresponder cycle. Next, select the day in the cycle you’re adding the contacts to.

3. Select One by one, manually to specify how you’d like to add contacts.

One by one, manually option.

4. Type in the contact’s name and email address. Note: Both fields are required.

name and email fields.

5. To add contacts with custom field information, click Assign custom field to enable the custom field list. Go to Step 9 if you want to skip adding custom fields.

assign custom field link.

6. Expand the list and select a custom field.

choose custom field menu.

7. Specify the custom field value (not required). Depending on the type of the custom field, you’ll either choose the value from a list or type it in.

8. To add more custom fields, click Assign custom field and repeat steps 6-7. To remove a custom field, click the “x” symbol.

delete custom field option.

9. Check the I have permission to add this person to my list box.

10. Click Add contact.

A success message appears to confirm you’ve added the contact. The form is cleared except for custom fields (if selected) and the list you selected in Step 2. You can add another contact with the same custom fields to your list. Don’t forget to check the permission confirmation box for each contact you’re adding.