Customer Engagement Solutions

Reach customers where they are – via email, SMS, chat,and more.

Deliver personalized customer experiences with campaigns across channels and increase engagement by 30%.


One email marketing platform
to engage and convert across channels

  • Engage website visitors

    with timely popups, web push notifications, and live chats.

  • Nurture contacts

    with email marketing and autoresponders suited to the funnel stage.

  • Retain customers

    with marketing automation campaigns based on data-driven segmentation.

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unique open rate from highly-targeted campaigns

Grow engagement scores and cherish long-term customer loyalty


Nurture and retain customers with data-driven automation

Trigger relevant emails, web pushes, or SMS based on user behavior and data. Ensure high relevancy in order to nurture relations, get new customers, and retain existing ones with powerful automation workflows.

  • Score and segment contacts to tailor messaging
  • Create custom events based on your audience’s activity
  • Trigger actions on selected conditions, events, and filters

Segment with data, target with precision

Advanced segmentation enables grouping your audience into segments with shared traits. You can organize your lists with scores and tags and target only chosen groups.

Use information on your customers’ behavior, engagement, and order history to create more intentional and appreciated data-driven campaigns.

The segmentation process occurs in real-time. Once your contacts meet the predefined conditions, they’re automatically added to a particular segment.

Connect with your subscribers instantly and automatically

Create automated email sequences to enrich your customers’ experience and boost conversions.

With autoresponders, you can immediately welcome new subscribers with a personalized message and nurture contacts with emails triggered at a particular time or event.

You can customize one of our predesigned email templates and send out your first autoresponder email in just a few minutes!

Draw your website visitors’ attention with dynamic popups

Make sure your website visitors don’t miss out on the latest updates and offers with eye-catching popups, banners, and bars.

Now, you can easily create popups in GetResponse without any coding skills and deploy them with rules and triggers adjusted to your audience.


Explore professionally-designed templates

Discover our library of over 200 predesigned templates designed to convert. You can put them to work right away or customize them to suit your brand and content.

  • Emails

    Enhance messaging with professional designs.

  • Automation

    Accelerate growth with prebuilt workflows.

  • Popups

    Ready-to-use popups to hook website visitors.

  • Grow engagement scores and cherish long-term customer loyalty


    Reach your customers directly – with SMS

    Automated SMS marketing is the easiest and most effective way to keep your customers updated. Adjust conditions and triggering to your recipients’ activity and inactivity to ensure the best open rate.

    With GetResponse MAX, you can include trigger-based SMS campaigns in your marketing automation workflows for a more individual approach.


    Bring people back to your website for more conversions

    Reach your audience whenever they’re online with a relevant message. Increase subscription rates with custom opt-in prompts, bring back site and cart abandoners, and promote timely offers and updates.

    You can customize notification windows to stay on brand and make them even harder to miss.

    Push notifications remind shoppers to come back and complete their purchases — a useful tool considering 74% of online retail orders are abandoned, adding up to a lot of lost revenue.

    Real-time communication to build genuine connections

    Connect with your customers instantly and be there when they need you. Take your customer support to the next level with direct chats in emails, on landing pages, and webistes.

    You can set statuses, notifications, and auto-replies to your schedule, so your chats are online if when you can’t be.

    You can embed a visitor capture form in your chats to gather more information about your visitors and follow up via email later.

    Features to help you build a cohesive customer experience

    Make the most of the online marketing tools designed to help your business strive online, all gathered in GetResponse.

    • Website Builder

      Create a website to provide your business with proper exposure.

    • Webinars

      Connect with your audience and build trust in your brand.

    • Email marketing

      Build converting email marketing campaigns with proven 99% deliverability.

    • Paid Ads

      Create, run, and analyze paid ads in one place.

    • Signup Forms

      Grow your contact database with easily embedded forms.

    • List Management

      Maintain your contact lists with various organization tools.

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    Automatically lead your website visitors to conversion

    Increase conversions with an automated conversion funnel combining all the tools you need to engage your audience.

    You can customize one of over 30 conversion-optimized scenarios and launch an automated campaign to grow your list, promote your offer, or sell.

    • Lead magnet funnels
    • Sales funnels
    • Opt-in funnels

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    ”Contact list segmentation and regular A/B testing allows us to check what really resonates with specific groups of contacts.”

    Gemma SeagerTeam Leader at Submission Technology

    Resources to help you successfully engage customers

    Customer engagement explained

    Why is customer engagement so important?
    Customer engagement measures how connected people are with your brand. It’s an important part of online marketing communication strategy because it’s one of the key factors leading to purchases.
    What’s the difference between customer engagement and customer retention?
    Customer engagement considers building relationships with your customers. The more engaged they are, the more loyal to your brand they’ll be. Customer retention focuses on getting people back to your website in an effort to convert them again.
    What makes for the best customer engagement and retention solution?
    The best customer engagement and retention solutions are based on data and tailored to a particular audience. The strategy should respond to customers’ issues, increasing brand trust. Customer engagement and retention should be constantly worked on, so there are templates to help you keep your contacts interested.

    Personalize your customer experience and keep the engagement scores high.

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