Marketing Automation

Automate your ideal customer journey

Build personalized automation workflows to engage and guide your customers every step of the way to conversion.

Deliver better customer experiences automatically

Easy setup - lasting results

  • Save time and resources Save time
    and resources

    Use prebuilt workflows for specific campaigns or easily build your own automations.

  • Capture and convert new leads Capture and convert
    new leads

    Send automated emails to all new subscribers and nurture them with relevant offers.

  • Sell more with less effort Sell more
    with less effort

    Automatically reach cart abandoners or recommend products your customers love.

  • Build a connection with your audience Build a connection
    with your audience

    Add a personal touch to every message and campaign using robust customer data.

Visualize your automated customer journey

Build marketing automation workflows based on customers' data and behavior.
Use it to deliver personalized marketing experiences.

Set the rules that automate
your marketing

Communicate with your audience with even greater precision using data stored in your account.

  • Create automation events based on users' behavior
  • Take action based on selected conditions
  • Use filters for even more precise targeting
Set the rules that automate your marketing

Build individual contact

Track and rate customers actions to create custom segments based on specific data and criteria.

  • Use an unlimited number of tags for better profiling
  • Monitor engagement scores to evaluate contacts
  • Add points to each action your contacts take on your pages or emails
Build individual contact profiles

Send personalized
and relevant emails

Search and segment tagged contacts to run targeted, automated email marketing campaigns. Stay relevant to all of your customer groups.

Build individual contact profiles

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Email Automation templates for your business goals

Use prebuilt, powerful automation templates. Tech-tested, marketing-approved, helping thousands of businesses grow even faster.

Nurture new signups

Trigger welcome emails that start a conversation with your prospects. Thank them for signing up, share your story and special offers.

Nurture new signups

Recommend popular products

Automation learns your customers' preferences and triggers product recommendations based on each customer's purchase history.

Recommend popular products

Recover lost sales

Remind your customers about their abandoned order with a sequence of abandoned cart emails.

Remind your customers about their abandoned order with a sequence of abandoned cart emails.

Use behavioral targeting

Track and rate customer actions on your website, landing pages, and emails to trigger relevant emails or assign to segments.

Use behavioral targeting

Powerful ecommerce tools to automate your sales

Put advanced ecommerce tools and integrations to work with marketing automation. Squeeze the most out of your inbound traffic.

Streamline your work
with integrations

Connect your favorite tools with GetResponse and start monetizing your marketing campaigns.

  • Sync your online store and CRM data
  • Populate your product inventory
  • Connect your payment processors
Streamline your work with integrations

Turn your website traffic
into sales opportunities

Monitor and analyze events on your pages to share custom offers when it matters most.

  • Learn your audience's habits and preferences
  • Prepare tailored emails based on page visits
  • Analyze specific actions users take on your pages
  • Trigger personalized journeys based on the data
Turn your website traffic into sales opportunities

Turn your emails into
money makers

Trigger automated email campaigns to your website visitors who left without converting.

  • Send abandoned cart emails to encourage visitors to finish their purchases
  • Automatically recommend products based on customer's purchase history
Build individual contact profiles

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Marketing automation explained

What is marketing automation? What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a suite of powerful conditions, filters, and actions. You combine all of them to create workflows that reflect a subscriber journey or experience. When building a workflow, you can use one of our predesigned templates or build a workflow from scratch.

What is website visitor tracking? What is website visitor tracking?

This feature lets you to take steps once someone visits a page of your choice. All you need to do is set up the element's properties, that is enter a URL that we need to track. For example, if someone visits a page you linked in your message, you can add scoring points or a tag.

What are abandoned cart emails? What are abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails are simply follow-up messages to customers who left your website without placing an order. You can create a workflow to automatically send these emails that can also display the contents of their online shopping cart. It's helpful for when you'd like to reduce the number of incomplete orders and increase your sales.

What are automation templates? What are automation templates?

Automation templates serve the goal or match your campaign idea. To use them, simply populate it with your own data, including message templates, lists, and element properties.

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