Email Autoresponders

Increase engagement with AI-powered automated email sequences

Reach out to your subscribers when they take action with AI-generated emails optimized for your industry and audience.

Increase engagement with AI-powered automated email sequences

Connect with your subscribers and increase conversions

  • AI-powered <br>emails AI-powered

    Create industry-optimized emails in seconds with OpenAI-powered content and subject line generator.

  • Powerful design<br> tools and templates Powerful design
    tools and templates

    Choose one of 100+ predesigned templates and easily customize it with a drag-and-drop editor.

  • Event-based <br>triggering Event-based

    Increase open rates by delivering emails based on subscription time, with delays, or at exact hours.

  • Actionable insights and data Actionable insights and data

    Analyze autoresponder’s results in line with other campaigns and optimize with extensive insights.

Boost your email marketing with OpenAI technology

Create engaging autoresponders faster than ever with our OpenAI-powered AI Autoresponder Generator.

Generate complete emails and subject lines optimized for latest industry trends based on keywords and targeted audience.

Join 100,000+ empowered customers

Welcome and connect with new contacts automatically

Use autoresponder emails to connect with subscribers when they join your email list. Establish, nurture, and maintain subscriber relationships with your brand.

Start with an intuitive
email creator

Create professional emails with a drag-and-drop email creator — even if graphic design isn’t your thing.

  • Give structure with sections and content blocks
  • Customize with videos, buttons, and social media icons
  • Use mobile preview to make sure your emails look great on all devices
Start with an intuitive <br>email creator

Get inspired with goal-oriented templates

Browse hundreds of professionally-designed templates for new ideas and quick implementation.

  • Discover templates that welcome, educate, promote, sell, and celebrate
  • Customize templates sets that greet, follow-up, and convert subscribers
Get inspired with goal-oriented templates

Enhance your email designs
with free images and GIFs


Free Shutterstock Images


of GIFs from GIPHY

No extra purchases

and no more license doubts

Easy access

from within the tool

Maintain a bird’s-eye view

Use a list or calendar view to schedule your emails for a specific day of your subscribers’ journey.

  • Send welcome messages to greet new subscribers
  • Follow up with relevant content to nurture interest
  • Promote special offers when they’re ready to buy
Maintain a bird’s-eye view

Save time with automated customer journeys

Maintain relationships and increase conversions by front-loading your effort.

Save time with automated customer journeys

Automatically share
new blog posts

Always keep blog subscribers up-to-date with your latest content.

  • Choose from predesigned RSS-to-email templates
  • Send right after you publish or aggregate posts into daily, weekly, or monthly digests
  • Automatically share on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter)
Automatically share <br>new blog posts

Autoresponders do more than
just welcome contacts

  • Run online courses Run online courses

    Set up a series of emails that explain and educate your audience on a specific topic.

  • Recycle used content Recycle used content

    Breathe new life into your content by turning it into an autoresponder series.

  • Make more sales Make more sales

    Send autoresponder emails with relevant upsell offers based on past purchases.

  • Celebrate milestones Celebrate milestones

    Trigger an email at a particular subscription day, like a customer anniversary.

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Resources and insights to help you get started

  • Getting Started with Email Autoresponders in GetResponse

    Learn how to create an autoresponder message and launch your campaign in GetResponse with this quick video guide walking you through the whole process.


What is an email autoresponder? An email autoresponder is a feature in email marketing that automatically sends a pre-written response to incoming emails. The response is triggered by certain conditions such as receiving an email from a specific sender or address, or after a set amount of time has passed since the original email was sent.
What are the benefits of using an email autoresponder? The benefits of using an email autoresponder include saving time by automating repetitive tasks, providing instant and relevant responses to customers, and improving overall communication and customer experience.
How do I set up an email autoresponder? The steps to set up an email autoresponder vary depending on the email service provider you use, but generally involve creating a new message, specifying the trigger conditions, and defining the response message.
Can I personalize the message in my email autoresponder? Yes, many email autoresponder services allow you to personalize the response message by including recipient-specific information such as their name, location, or other demographic information.
What are the best practices for using email autoresponders? Some best practices for using email autoresponders include keeping the response message concise and to the point, providing clear instructions for the recipient, and avoiding using an autoresponder for important or time-sensitive communications.
Can I use an email autoresponder for spamming or unsolicited messages? No, using an email autoresponder for spamming or sending unsolicited messages is strictly prohibited by most email service providers and can result in your account being suspended or terminated.