How does the automated phone validation feature work?

The system validates phone numbers you add to campaigns via web forms, squeeze pages, and imports to make sure they are correct and ready to use.

Tips and tricks:

1. Make sure subscriber phone numbers are in a format that is easy to validate, including the full country code:

  • +1 000 etc.
  • +44 111 etc.

2. When importing a contact list that includes a PHONE custom field, you can now specify the phone number format and country code in the uploaded list file or by manually selecting the country code from the available dropdown list.

3. If the phone number you’re adding to your GetResponse account doesn’t include the country code, the validation mechanism will make an educated guess based on the subscriber record, applying the following rules:

  • The system will define the country code of the phone number based on the Country field in your subscriber details and automatically add it to the phone number record.
  • If the custom Country field is missing, the system looks for the subscriber’s IP address and uses the GeoIP (unavailable in API and FTP uploads).
  • If the above information is missing, the system will use prefix +1 and attempt to validate the phone number record.

4. If the validation is unsuccessful, the system will not add the phone number, keeping your database free of invalid, unusable phone numbers such as 123456, etc.