AI Email Generator

Create engaging emails in record time with an OpenAI-powered email generator.

Boost your email marketing with industry and goal-optimized subject lines and content.

Available for all paid GetResponse plans.

Get better results from your emails with the power of AI

  • OpenAI innovation

    Boost your impact with the latest OpenAI technology integrated with your email marketing software.

  • AI subject line generator

    Get more opens from AI-optimized subject lines and stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes.

  • Industry-specific optimization

    Effortlessly create emails tailored to your business based on keywords and industry trends.

  • Multilingual support

    Generate content in the language of your audience and save time on translations.

Create engaging emails

85% faster

GetResponse customers using the AI email generator saw a 85% decrease in email creation time.

Create engaging emails

„I love GetResponse AI Email Generator. It creates excellent copy and gives me ideas that I can edit and add to my email marketing. It has increased my open rates on the tested emails.”

David Jones CMO at Thundering Herd Marketing

How to generate an AI email template

Thanks to OpenAI technology, you can create an entire email in just a few clicks. All you need to do is provide keywords, choose your industry, the tone and design direction, and your AI-generated email and subject line will be ready in less than a minute.

  • Define your email goal

    Type keywords or phrases relevant to your email goal – it could be a seasonal sale, a new product, or anything else you want to announce to your subscribers. Then choose a category that best suits your business.

  • Set the tone

    Choose how you would like your email to sound. Select the tone that matches the sentiment you’re looking to communicate.

  • Choose the design

    Set the layout and color scheme. If your layout features an image, the template will include a relevant stock photo from our free images library.

  • Customize and send

    There you have it – a complete email template including copy, image, and subject line.

    Add a few custom touches if needed and send.

See how easy it is to generate a custom AI email template


Kickoff your AI marketing strategy with optimized emails

Introduce cutting-edge technology to your email marketing and create high quality
emails in a matter of seconds.

Win back your time with help from an AI email generator

Don’t waste time manually brainstorming, typing, editing, and building emails from scratch.

Quickly generate emails with text based on the AI’s identification of high performing industry trends and your keywords.

  • custom templates including copy and image
  • engaging and industry-optimized text and subject lines
GetResponse customers using the AI email creator saw a 85% decrease in the email creation time.

A/B test new ways to captivate your audience

Increase open and click-through rates with data-backed optimization. Keep running A/B tests to identify words and phrases that best resonate with your audience.

With the AI subject line generator, you can constantly test various subject lines tailored to your industry and stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes with every email.

I do appreciate the extra assistance. I think it will help me get better conversion rates”

Level up your brainstorming with an AI email assistant

Spark up creativity whenever you get writer’s block. With the AI email generator, you can create an entire email with a few key details and a couple of clicks.

Quickly brainstorm new ideas to draft compelling emails based on OpenAI's access to your industry's latest trends.

For a deeper dive check out our blog article explaining the AI tools.

OpenAI assistance in high-
volume email marketing

Increase your email marketing ROI with the GetResponse MAX AI email creation solution powered by the technology behind ChatGPT – no OpenAI account required.

  • Streamline and scale the email creation process.

  • Boost productivity and decrease manual work.

  • Increase email conversions and performance.

Email marketing software that goes beyond

Create, optimize, and analyze high-performing email marketing campaigns with

  • world-class email marketing software
  • proven 99% deliverability
  • powered by powerful AI technology
  • 5-star, 24/7 customer support
  • Drag-and-drop editor

    Customize your email content to meet your campaign needs with an easy-to-use email editor.

  • Customizable templates

    Want to start with a predesigned template? We’ve got 150+ designed for various occasions and goals.

  • AI writing assistant

    Let our AI assistant help you write optimized texts for all of your emails – autoresponders, automations, newsletters, and more.

    A/B tests AI enhancement

    Increase your open rates with no extra effort. Run more A/B tests of subject lines based on your email content.

Try GetResponse for free

Try GetResponse for free

"Remarkable surprise to discover. The AI system has written my short promotion emails far better than my own. I have generated more replies than ever.”

Robert JoswickFreelance writer

In case you’re looking for help

Frequently asked questions

What is an AI email generator?

An AI email generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically generate email content.

How does an AI email generator work?

An AI email generator works by analyzing the context and purpose of the email, identifying key points to include, and generating a cohesive and natural-sounding message.

What are the benefits of using an AI email generator?

Some benefits of using an AI email generator include saving time, increasing efficiency, and improving the quality and consistency of email content.

Can an AI email generator replace human email writers?

While an AI email generator can generate high-quality email content, it cannot replace human writers entirely. Humans are still needed to review and edit the generated content for accuracy and tone.