What is Engagement Score and how to use it?

Engagement Score at GetResponse is a tool that identifies and scores the activity of your contacts based on their interactions with your emails.

How does the Engagement Score work?

The level of engagement is based on subscribers interactions with your content (i.e. messages). We process such data in real-time to provide you with an accurate prediction on subscribers’ interest in your messages. Based on that, we put contacts on a certain Engagement Level, choosing from a 5-step scale:

  • Not engaged
  • At risk
  • Neutral
  • Engaged
  • Highly engaged

On this scale, not engaged represents a contact that is not interested in the sent content at all and highly engaged means that the contact is actively reacting to messages, opening them and clicking the links.

Where will I find the Engagement Score?

The Engagement Score will be displayed in form of a bar under the Search contacts tab, in the column with your contacts names:

When you click on a certain contact, you will also see the Engagement Score on the contact card:

How can I use the Engagement Score?

Advanced search

Under the Advanced search tab you can search for your contacts based on their level of engagement and save these searches as segments.

Campaign planning

After creating engagement-based segments, you can start using them to send better-targeted emails. You can decide whether to win-back your contact’s interest or just maintain their high engagement.

Learn more about segmenting your audience here.