Where can I find inactive contacts?

You can find inactive contacts—contacts who haven’t confirmed their subscription, were removed from your lists, or whose emails bounced—using the search options on the Search contacts page. There are two methods you can use to find them—one broader and the other more specific:

  • The first method lets you find all bounced, removed, or unconfirmed contacts and narrow down the results to a specific list, if necessary.
  • The second method lets you narrow down your search to a list or see contacts who were removed using a specific method or the reason for bounced emails.

Finding all inactive contacts

1. Go to Contacts>>Search.
2. On the Search contacts page, click the inactive link (it will also tell you how many inactive contacts are in your account). This will open your Inactive contacts.

Inactive contacts link shown.

3. The results on the Inactive contacts page are displayed by category, so you’ll see removed emails first.

Removed tab is shown.
  • To see unconfirmed and bounced contacts, click between the tabs.
  • To display results by list, click All lists, select the list you’re looking for, and click Apply to see the results.

Finding contacts by bounce type, removal method, or reason for bounced emails

1. Go to Contacts>>Search.
2. On the Search contacts page, click Advanced search. This will open your advanced search options.

Advanced search indicated.

3. In the Advanced search options, select list or lists you want to search in.

Lists dropdown indicated.

4. Click Add condition.

You can now select specific search conditions to find the contacts.

Creating your search condition:

1. Choose Contacts actions.
2. In the next available dropdown, scroll through conditions and choose if you’re looking for Unsubscribes, Bounced, or Unconfirmed.
3. Narrow down the results by type or method.
4. Click Apply to see all the contacts who fit the condition.

For example, to find contacts who didn’t get your message because their inbox was full, you’d choose Contact actions>>Bounced>>Mailbox is full.

Condition to locate inactives shown.

5. Optionally, you can limit your search to individual names or email addressed by adding another condition—name or email—from contact details.

Please note that it’s not possible to save these results as a segment.