How to delete duplicates from my lists?

Apart from manually deleting duplicated contacts from your lists, there are two other methods to locate and delete them.

How to use List Hygiene to delete duplicates

To remove duplicates, do the following:

  1. Export your list of contacts from the list you want to use as your source list (the one you want your contacts to stay in, let’s call it List A).
    Go to Contacts > Search > Advanced Search and select List A, then press Apply.

    selecting particular list in GetResponse

  2. From Actions on the right sidebar (3 dots next to the number of contacts) use Export.

    export contacts

  3. Name the file, create the export and download it.

    export contacts

  4. Go to Contacts > List Hygiene > Delete contacts. Select the lists you want remove the duplicates from (List B) and paste the email column of your previously exported list.

    paste exported contacts

  5. Press Delete button.

How to use Marketing Automation to delete duplicates

You can set it via automation under Tools > Automation > Create Workflow > Build from scratch.

You need Subscribe condition and Remove contact action. In the properties of the condition block you set the list you want to keep the contacts in and in the properties of the action block you set all lists you want the emails to be removed from once they enter the list in the condition block.

automation duplicates

If you want this to apply to already existing contacts as well (not just future sign ups), enable Include contacts who are already in this list before the workflow starts on the condition block and publish the workflow. The list will be cleaned automatically after you publish the workflow.

automation duplicates with existing ones