How to delete contacts from a list or account?

You can use List hygiene to bulk-remove contacts or remove duplicates. On the List hygiene page, you can:

  • immediately delete specific contacts by hand.
  • create a rule to delete all contacts when they unsubscribe or are deleted from other lists.

Please note that deleting contacts doesn’t prevent them from re-subscribing to your lists in the future. If you’d like to stop them from adding to your lists, you need to block them. To find out more about when to use blocking and deleting, please have a look at What is the difference between deleting and blocking?

To delete contacts from your list or lists:

  1. Go to Contacts>>List hygiene.
  2. On the List hygiene page, click the Delete contacts button.
  3. Choose how you want to remove contacts:
  • to delete specific contacts by hand, expand the drop-down list and select the lists you’d like to delete contacts from. Then type in the email addresses. Click Delete. Note that Select all effectively removes contacts from your account.
  • click the Create rule tab. Choose which list is the trigger and which list or lists to delete contacts from. Click Apply when you’ve selected the lists. Click Save to save your rule.

To review or delete the rules you’ve created, click the Rule-based delete link on the List hygiene page.

Where can I see the addresses I removed from my account?

You can see all the removed contacts in the Removed list. You can export the list but we don’t recommend you add the contacts in bulk back to your lists. Some of the contacts on the Removed list may have unsubscribed, which means they have withdrawn their permission to be added to your account.

Formerly, blocklist was known as blacklist.