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Powerful email marketing software with professional email templates, easy design tools,
and proven deliverability.

Free Email Marketing

Meet different goals with the right type of email



    Send one-time email broadcasts
    with updates and special offers.

  • Autoresponders

    Create automated email sequences
    to follow up with and nurture your

  • Automation emails

    Design and trigger action-based,
    automated emails to engage
    and sell.

  • Automated blog digest

    Increase your blog’s reach and
    share posts via email and on
    social media.

  • Perfectly-timed emails

    Deliver emails at the right time
    with Perfect Timing and Time
    Travel delivery tools.

  • Transactional emails

    With this paid add-on, you can
    use SMTP-triggered emails to
    send receipts or reminders.

Intuitive design tools and first-class email delivery

Create stunning emails in minutes and use advanced segmentation tools to make more impact.

It's easy to build beautiful emails

The drag-and-drop email creator lets you design and
send pixel-perfect emails in a few clicks.

  • Use layouts and sections to build your message
  • View setup and scheduling details in one easy view
  • Preview designs on desktop and mobile devices
  • Enhance all designs with GIFs and free stock photos

Get inspired with free email templates

To save time and resources, explore the library of
free, profesionally-designed email templates.

  • Browse and select templates by campaign goals
  • Customize with your branding and content
  • Build and curate your own template libraries

Enhance your email designs
with free images and GIFs


Free Shutterstock Images


of GIFs from GIPHY

No extra purchases

and no more license doubts

Easy access

from within the tool

Put subscriber data to work

Keep your email marketing relevant for all audiences
and enjoy proven 99% deliverability.

  • Build custom segments based on specific criteria
  • Use dynamic content for better personalization
  • Deliver emails at your audience's preferred time with the perfect timing tool

A/B test your emails for the best results

Maximize your email marketing efforts by actively testing and optimizing your email's content.

  • A/B test subject lines and tweak based on opens
  • Use different images or layouts in your emails
  • Try different call-to-action buttons to increase click-rates
Just starting out?

Get your business online with the GetResponse Free-Forever Plan

GetResponse Free is a solution for all companies looking for ways to get their business online.

Enjoy a free-forever plan that includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Website builder + 5GB bandwidth
  • Connect a domain
  • Landing pages
  • Signup and contact forms
Get your business online with the GetResponse Free-Forever Plan

20 years of email marketing experience you can trust

Turn your emails into money makers

Monetize your email campaigns with shoppable messages and built-in ecommerce tools.
Then use intuitive analytics to improve your emails based on performance and your contacts' preferences.

Make new sales and win back lost revenue

Make your emails shoppable and reduce the number
of clicks it takes your customers to buy from you.

  • Add products from your GetResponse store
  • Integrate your existing online shop
  • Win back customers with abandoned cart emails
  • Automatically recommend related products

Keep all of your online marketing tools under one roof

Integrate email marketing with other must-have online
marketing tools to run multichannel campaigns.

Collect actionable data from your emails

Track your email marketing campaign results in
real-time through advanced email analytics.

  • Analyze opens, clicks, bounces, and more
  • A/B test email subject lines to learn what works best
  • Track user behavior for better targeting

Get campaign results from

Set up automated, customized reports to be sent to you
based on a schedule you choose.

  • Choose reporting frequency
  • Take it all in with easy-to-digest graphs
  • Check out your campaign results on the go with the GetResponse Mobile App

Compare GetResponse plans and prices


Designed for businesses ready to get online easily.



  • Email marketing
  • Website builder
  • Connect a domain
  • List for up to 500 contacts
  • Landing pages
  • Signup and contact forms


Standard plans with premium features to grow online, convert leads, and get sales.

The lowest plan starts at

$13.30 /mo

Everything from Free and more:

  • Marketing automation
  • List segmentation
  • Sales funnels
  • Lists for 500+ contacts
  • Webinars
  • Live chats
  • Web push notifications
  • Ecommerce features


‍Custom-made solution with dedicated support and features to generate higher profits. ‌‍

Custom pricing

Everything from paid and more:

  • SMS marketing
  • Transactional emails
  • Account migration support
  • Unlimited users
  • Dedicated support
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Dedicated IP address

Learn how to make the most of your email marketing

Need a custom online marketing solution? Discover GetResponse MAX

GetResponse MAX is an all-inclusive solution for mid and large companies looking for advanced marketing tools, dedicated support, and top data security.

With GetResponse MAX you get:

  • Dedicated 24/7 support*
  • SMS marketing automation
  • Dedicated IP address*
  • Transactional emails*
  • AI recommendations
* Available only in MAX2 plan

Email marketing explained

What does Free Email Marketing mean?

Email Marketing is now available as a part of the GetResponse Free plan. It's a free-forever plan for all businesses that want to get their business online.

With a Free account, you can:

  • Create and publish 1 website and landing page with basic features
  • Create and save drafts for marketing assets such as newsletters, autoresponders, and automation workflows
  • Add up to 500 contacts during the first 30 days (the unconfirmed and removed contacts do count toward the list size)
  • Collect leads with various types of GetResponse forms and store them in a queue for 32 days
  • Test and utilize premium account features for 30 days
Is email marketing still effective?

According to a 2021 study by DMA, email marketing's return on investment is 38:1 on average. Statistically, if you invest $1 in your email marketing activities, you'll get $38 in return.

Of course, this is not a fixed number – it's an average. The return of investment from your email marketing activities will depend on various factors, for example:

  • Size and quality of your email list
  • Content relevance
  • Design and copy
  • Call-to-action (is it clear and persuasive?)

The GetResponse Free plan offers you free access to email marketing (2,500 newsletters/mo), so you can plan and execute campaigns that help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Take your first steps with the help of our email marketing for beginners guide.

How can I grow my email subscriber list?

There are multiple ways in which you can build an email list. Below are a few of the main tactics and tools you can use to grow a high-quality list.

Opt-in forms: An opt-in form, web form, or signup form is an HTML form installed on a website to enable visitors to sign up. This is the key mechanism that you'll use to capture leads.

The most popular types of web forms include:

  • Embedded/Inline web forms
  • Popups and lightboxes
  • Exit intent forms
  • Scroll forms

Landing pages: Landing pages also can have various goals. One specific type, however, is built solely for capturing emails, and those are squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are designed to collect visitors' email addresses. They contain just enough information to convince them to fill out the form and keep them focused on that one single goal.

Lead magnets: Are an incentive you give in return for your visitor's email address. Most commonly, lead magnets come in a form of an ebook, a checklist, or a free tool – but they come in all shapes and forms.

Paid ads: On Facebook, these are called Lead Ads. In Google, they're called Google Lead Form Extensions. And on LinkedIn, you'll find them as Lead Gen Forms. Every platform has its name, but the principle is the same – they offer a simple way to collect emails from users by prepopulating the lead capture form with the email address the user's signed with.

What is the best time to send a marketing email?

Our latest study shows that the best time to send an email is essentially an individual thing. It varies across different locations, industries, and audiences. Learn all the details in our Email Marketing Benchmarks report.

The best practice is to send your emails using a send-time optimization algorithm like GetResponse Perfect Timing or Time Travel. These tools automatically adjust each subscriber's send-time based on their previous behavior or their time zone.

What are the best email marketing metrics to look at?

Key email marketing metrics every marketer should track are:

Open rate: This metric describes how many times subscribers opened your emails.

Click-through rate: Email click-through rate (CTR) tells you how many times the links in your emails were clicked. It's calculated by dividing recorded clicks by the number of emails successfully delivered.

Bounce rate: Bounce is when emails don't reach the recipient or are returned to the sender.

Unsubscribe rate: The unsubscribe rate describes how many people clicked the unsubscribe link (usually found in the footer) and opted out of future sends.

Spam complaint rate: Also known as an "abuse complaint" or "spam complaint," this is when someone reports an email as spam – either by clicking the "mark as spam" feature in their inbox or contacting you directly.

Learn all the details behind the metrics listed above and discover more to follow in Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs For Measuring Campaign Success guide.

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