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  • Host unlimited webinars

  • Get room for up to 1,000 live attendees

  • Share the stage with two other presenters

  • Store up to 20 hours of webinar recordings

I’ve bought or used just about every webinar platform and this seems to blow the others away as far as intuitiveness and features. AND it's already integrated with the email list.

Steve Carmichael RunBuzz.com
<strong>Steve Carmichael</strong> RunBuzz.com

Reach more people and maintain lasting connections

With GetResponse webinar software, you can produce a world-class online experience.
Easy access, interactive tools, and built-in email marketing ensures higher conversions and a better connection to your brand.

  • Have your webinar up and running in no time

    With our flexible scheduling options, creating a webinar takes minutes.

    • Customize your webinar URL
    • Enable registration
    • Choose your subscription settings
    • Start collecting new leads, hassle-free
    Have your webinar up and running in no time
  • Use built-in marketing tools

    Promote your event and send traffic to an SEO-optimized landing page where they can register for your event.

    Use the one-click Facebook Pixel integration to retarget page visitors with relevant offers later.

    Use built-in marketing tools
  • Nurture your leads with email invites and reminders

    Choose from our professionally designed gallery of free invitation templates that are automatically prefilled with your webinar details.

    • Automatically follow-up with your audience
    • Run automated nurturing campaigns
    • Promote your special offers and events
    Nurture your leads with email invites and reminders

Host interactive webinars with tools made
to maximize audience engagement

  • Share files in many formats and add YouTube videos to your presentation to enhance your webinar.

  • Collect valuable feedback and gather data on your audience with polls and tests.

  • Share your screen to demonstrate processes or to show your products in action.

  • Brainstorm ideas and promote collaboration using interactive whiteboards.

  • Expand your reach by livestreaming your webinar on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Promote your products and special offers during your webinar using call-to-action buttons.

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  • Generate more leads with evergreen webinars

    Put your lead generation efforts on autopilot with on-demand webinars.

    Share your prerecorded webinars and let your audience access them anywhere and anytime they want in exchange for their email address.

    Generate more leads with evergreen webinars
  • Promote and sell your

    Build relationships and monetize your expertise using free or paid webinar funnels. It’s a prebuilt promotion machine with everything you need.

    • Predesigned registration pages
    • Invitation and nurturing emails
    • Advanced subscription settings
    • Payment gateways
    Promote and sell your<br> skills
  • Take your webinars with you

    Use our free app to host webinars from your mobile device. With a fully responsive webinar room, attendees can join your events from their mobile browsers, no app or installation needed.

    • Stream your audio and video
    • Record your webinars
    • Enable live conversations with chats
    • Engage with interactive features.
    Take your webinars with you
  • Analyze reports for future optimization

    Get instant access to all the data from your webinars.

    • Average attendance time
    • Devices used
    • Attendee locations
    • Survey results

    Analyze reports for future optimization

Here's how webinars get you online and keep you connected

GetResponse's fully integrated webinar software is a simple, comprehensive way to communicate with your audience online.

  • Get your team online

    Try video conferencing to ensure streamlined communication with your remote teams.

    • Collaborate on your projects
    • Brainstorm ideas using the interactive whiteboard
    • Share your screen to demonstrate processes
  • Promote new offers

    Show off your new product or offer during a live webinar.

    • Gather your audience in one place
    • Promote your new offer and drive visits to your website
    • Collect instant feedback to improve your work
  • Share your knowledge

    Step outside of the traditional classroom and educate students in an interactive webinar room.

    • Manage and run your program or course
    • Share files and materials to collaborate
    • Run tests to evaluate your students' progress
  • Onboard new employees

    Run online training and onboarding sessions for your new employees.

    • Introduce your company to remote teams online
    • Run trainings with interactive webinar tools
    • Answer questions instantly and collect feedback

Need a custom email marketing solution? Discover GetResponse MAX

GetResponse MAX is an all-inclusive solution for mid and large companies looking for advanced marketing tools, dedicated support, and top data security.

With GetResponse MAX you get:

  • Dedicated 24/7 support*
  • SMS marketing automation
  • Dedicated IP address*
  • Transactional emails*
  • AI recommendations
* Available only in MAX2 plan

Webinars explained

What are webinars?

Webinars (web seminars) – are video presentations, workshops, or lectures hosted online, usually via webinar software. They are typically business-related and allow you to share your knowledge with your global audience – regardless of their location.

A typical webinar solution offers you not only audio and video streaming but also access to online polling, desktop sharing, file sharing, and a digital whiteboard. Participants can collaborate with you and other attendees using the live chat box to share feedback and ask questions.

What are the benefits of webinars?

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to build your contact list and generate leads. Each registrant is considered your qualified lead, so it’s much easier to convert them to become customers.

When done correctly, webinars can establish you as a trustworthy and reliable source of information in your niche. Each event can be recorded so that you can share it later with your audience as a lead magnet, ebook, or blog post series.

They can also help you train and onboard new employees. One of the biggest advantages of webinars is that they provide direct connections between all participants. Replace long and overwhelming manuals with interactive and collaborative online sessions.

How to monetize webinars?

If you're an established expert in your niche or you have specific skills you'd like to teach your audience, webinars are your go-to tool.

You can use webinars to:

  • run an online course
  • host one-off paid events
  • share them on-demand as paid resources

With GetResponse webinar platform, you can create a paid webinar funnel, to monetize your knowledge. It's a ready-to-go solution with pre-designed signup pages, emails, sales pages, and payment processors.

What are on-demand webinars?

On-demand webinars are based on the recordings of your live webinars. They’re sometimes called evergreen webinars. It’s a way to engage your contacts with your content if you plan to use the same webinar repeatedly.

On-demand webinars allow you to conduct automatic, prerecorded online events without the need to be present during the event. Each contact who gets access to your on-demand webinar becomes your subscriber automatically and can start the presentation on their own.

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