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[Newsletter Revenue Statistics] Start tracking your email earnings from day one!

If you've connected your ecommerce store, this feature is just for you! See in real-time how much each of your newsletters adds to your revenue, all within a few clicks 💰

Image #1

With newsletter revenue statistics feature you can:

🔥 See the effects of your email campaigns on sales immediately

🔥 Fine-tune your campaign strategy for maximum earnings

🔥 A/B test to see which emails earn the most

Connect your ecommerce store and start tracking your email earnings as soon as you hit send!

💡 Newsletter revenue statistics is available in Marketing Automation and Ecommerce Marketing plans. Learn more about revenue attribution.

Track your email revenue

🚀 Meet your new personal email editor

Step into the future of email creation with a personal touch—greet your AI Writing Assistant, your dedicated email editor! ⭐️

Image #1

Now, here's the kind of magic it does:

📝 Instantly generates compelling content based on your prompt

Simplifies your text with one click for clearer communication.

📏 Controls length with ease, whether brief or detailed

💯 Fixes your grammar and spelling, guaranteeing flawless language in every email

⭐️ Adjusts tone and details giving you a ton of flexibility

All of it is done with a single click! 
Find it in the email editor and let us know your thoughts in a comment below 😉
Check it for yourself 🪄

🚀 Launch high-converting campaigns in seconds!

We've just introduced a new tool to help you create your landing pages, welcome emails, and newsletters in a matter of seconds! Presenting the AI Campaign Generator 🔥

Image #1

To start using this tool, simply click on Tools > AI campaigns, and let AI help you get started! This tool will help you:

⚡️ Maximize your efficiency when creating your campaign assets

💡 Quickly brainstorm new ideas and put them into practice

🎉 Create industry-optimized content in record time

Let us know in a comment below your thoughts! 😉

Create campaign ⚡️

👀 2023 Highlights and what's next on the horizon

Our main priority for this year has been to streamline your email and marketing content creation 🔥

Image #1

This dedicated effort has led us to develop time-saving AI tools that enhance subscriber engagement and facilitate list growth 📈

To keep you in the loop, we present an overview of our 2023 releases so far, insightful customer feedback, and a glimpse of our upcoming plans.

Check recap and upcoming plans →

[NEW] Landing pages revamped 🔥

That's right, our beloved landing pages received a massive upgrade, and now you can enjoy a totally new editor full of powerful features, including artificial intelligence! 🤯

Image #1

Our user-friendly landing page builder offers a wide range of features for effortless business promotion and growth.

🎨 Maintain branding with intuitive global design

📱 Create visually captivating mobile-responsive pages

🖼️ Explore our extensive collection of ready-made layouts

📊 Gain valuable insights from key performance indicators

Need some help crafting a landing page? Generate one with AI 🤖

Comment below to let us know your excitement for this new feature 😍

🚀 Create landing page

🎉 Celebrate special occasions with new email templates!

We're thrilled to introduce our latest collection of themed email templates, designed to help you connect and engage with your audience on these special occasions.

Best of all, they're all FREE! 🤯

Image #1

Check out our latest additions:

🥂 Mother's Day Celebration

🏷️ Mother's Day Discount

🎊 Father's Day Celebration

⚡️ Father's Day Discount

🎆 4th of July Sale

Share your favorites and suggest upcoming occasions in a comment below. We're here for your success! 😉

🥁 Reveal our favorite

[New feature] AI Email Generator ⚡️- create stunning emails 85% faster

We're thrilled to introduce our newest feature, AI Email Generator — generate design, text, and subject lines in seconds ⚡️

Image #1

Using AI-powered emails allows you to maximize your email marketing efficiency by generating high-quality emails in record time, decreasing the time to create an email by 85% 🔥

🤖 Powered by OpenAI's latest GPT technology

🧠 Creates industry-specific emails in seconds to help you brainstorm and achieve optimal results

📊 Generates engaging subject lines to help you increase your email open rates

🔜 Multilingual support 🔜

Let us know your thoughts in a comment below 😉

⚡️Generate AI-powered email

🧹 Keep your files in order

Our Files and Images just received a huge life quality update, allowing you to now be able to move files between folders 🔥

Image #1

This update brings you a better overall experience, as well as:

🧹 Improved organization — categorize and organize your files for better accessibility and management

⚡️ More flexibility — get more control over how you want to store and access your files

⌛️ Save time — organize your files by project to increase your efficiency

In addition, we've made it possible for you to use 2 million Shutterstock images while using our website builder 🔥

Drop us a comment below with your thoughts and ideas, we're reading 😉

Start organizing 🗂️

👀 2023: A Peek at What’s Coming to You From GetResponse!

We're thrilled to share with you a little sneak peek of some of the new features we have planned for 2023 🔥

Image #1

We've been hard at work, and are proud to announce that AI is coming your way! 🤖

We can't wait for you to try it out and experience the benefits that AI will bring to your emails.

🔥 Increased email open rates — create subject lines that get your subscriber's attention in your industry

⌛️ Maximized efficiency — save time and effort to focus on other tasks

💡 Brainstorm new ideas — draft the perfect subject line based on current trends

Let us know in a comment below how excited you're about it, and don't forget to share your feedback as well 😉

Check all upcoming features 🚀

Web Connect — one code to rule them all! 👑

We've just launched Web Connect, a feature to help you understand that you can use one code for multiple tools with a single installation! ⚡️

Image #1

To find Web Connect, you simply have to click on Tools (top left). Once it's installed on your website, you'll be able to:

📝 Display multiple forms and popups to increase your conversions

🔔 Get visitors back to your website with web push notifications

🛒 Recover abandoned carts to drive more sales

🛍 Provide an automated post-purchase experience that'll help you upsell your items

💡Target people who visited a specific URL and offer them tailored communication

Remember that this was already possible, but Web Connect makes it all easier, as you'll find the required code in a single place!

*available tools depend on your plan

Let us know below if you've found it useful! 😉

Get Web Connect ⚡️

Keep your contact information up to date with a simple form 🚀

Easily update existing contact information with our latest Forms update ⚡️

Image #1

In one click, add this latest update to your new and existing Forms to:

📝 Allow customers to edit their contact details when they don't know they're signing up for the same list

🗂 Keep your contact data relevant and healthy with up-to-date information

Give your customers a chance to change their marketing preferences

🔄 Reduce unsubscribes by ensuring old contact information is fresh

In case of any doubt, we've prepared a detailed article to help you out 😉

Click below to access your forms, and keep your contacts information updated! ⚡️

Manage forms 📝

[Exclusive] 7 new email templates to help you succeed! 🎃

We added 7 NEW email templates specifically to help you get started with your Halloween and Black Friday campaigns!

Image #1

We wanted to make sure you can send a beautifully crafted email that'll definitely make you stand out from your competition. To save you time, we linked each email template below:

👻 Halloween Spook (includes GIF)

🎃 Halloween Sweets

⚡️ Black Friday Deal (includes GIF)

🎧 Black Friday Releases

💡 Black Friday Recommendations

💥 Cyber Monday Deals

💻 Cyber Monday Last Chance

Seems too early to start yours? It's not! It'll only mean you've got the upper hand on your competitors! 😉

Let us know in a comment below what you like the most about these templates!

Reveal our favorite 👻

🤖 Prevent bot attacks with reCaptcha!

We've recently added reCaptcha to our Forms and Popups to help you ensure the acquisition of quality contacts while protecting your domain's reputation.

Image #1

Adding reCaptcha to your forms will help prevent bot subscriptions, which can be very costly in the long run, as they tear your domain's reputation apart.

Implementing reCaptcha comes with huge benefits:

🔐 Protected domain reputation

📝 Higher quality contact lists

📧 Increased deliverability

These are all tied together. If you acquire higher quality contacts and send them emails, your deliverability will be better, giving your domain a good reputation as well. Needless to say, if your contact list is filled with bots, you'll have issues, and most likely lose money in the process! 🤖 ❌

Make sure that you're not a victim of bot attacks, and implement reCaptcha in your forms! ⚡️

🩺 Check my forms

💡 Try these new email templates to kickstart your campaigns!

Our email template library keeps expanding. In the latest batch, we've added 5 new email templates.

All for free in your account! 🤯

Image #1

Take advantage of these professionally designed templates, and enjoy your click-rate increase!

Find our newest additions below! ⬇️

🧴 Skin Care

🎂 Birthday Promo

📽 Webinar Recording

📧 Webinar Invitation

🧠 Pro Tips

As usual, let us know your favorite, and preference for the next topics below! 😉

⚡️Create newsletter

📝 Collect subscribers on the go!

Our mobile app just received some fantastic updates, including the ability to scan a physical contact card to instantly add subscribers to your contact list in GetResponse! ⚡️

How cool is that? 😎

Image #1

In addition, we've made some improvements that'll definitely enhance your experience while using our mobile app.

Now, you'll be able to:

  • Filter contacts by tag, score, and engagement score
  • Upload new files and manage existing in GetResponse Files and images
  • Find contacts who subscribed through a landing page or signup form

Not using the app yet? Click here to download it 😉

💡 Drop us a comment below with your thoughts and ideas for the next mobile app improvements.

Download the app! 📱

💥 Increase your visibility on TikTok!

You can now add a TikTok social icon to your emails! Time to start promoting your social media platforms! 😎

Image #1

To add this icon to your emails you need to:

1️⃣ Enter the email creator;

2️⃣ Drag and drop the basic block Social;

3️⃣ Select the platforms you want to promote on the right;

4️⃣ Enjoy the increased activity on your social media!

More awareness for your customers, more views for you! 🔥

Let us know if you're using TikTok in the comments below!

💥 Start using social icons

🎥 Free Masterclass: Build a Loyalty Program with Marketing Automation

Join us live on August 9th @ 11 AM ET where you'll learn how to encourage customers to return to your shop while making sure they remember your brand with a smile!

Image #1

During this masterclass with our experts, you'll learn and get the following:

How to effectively use marketing automation for ecommerce

💡 Top tips for creating an automation workflow in GetResponse

🔥 Free automation template that you can download once the webinar ends

Click to register, and we'll be waiting for you on August 9th!

Save my seat 🍿

🍿 Make your promo codes pop!

Yes, that's possible! 🔥

You can now go to our new Forms & popups editor, and simply drag and drop a promo code. In other words, you have another tool to increase your sales!

Image #1

Presenting a promo code to your website visitors in a popup at the time they're most likely to purchase can be the missing factor to boost your revenue! In addition, you can use them to:

📬 Increase newsletter subscribers — Use the promo code as a little incentive to gather subscribers

⏳ Offer limited-time discounts — Combine the promo code with a timer in your popups to drive urgency

🛒 Reduce abandoned carts — Show your popup with a promo code when a cart is about to be left

💡 Promote seasonal deals — Use a popup with a promo code to promote events such as Black Friday

...and more!

Need help creating a popup? Check out this video! ⚡️

Click below to create your own popup, and add a promo code to spice things up! 🌶

🎉 Create popup

🌟 New email templates to help you thrive!

A new set of 4 email templates is now available in your account! 🎨

Image #1

Explore our extensive email templates library, and find inspiration for your next campaigns. They're designed to raise conversions and make your campaigns thrive!

Find our newest additions below! ⬇️

👾 Retro Welcome

📱 Zenphony

💸 Plan Upgrade

🏡 Visit Store

The button below will take you to our favorite email template. What about your favorite?

Let us know in a comment below, and mention the kind of templates you would like to see next! 💡

Reveal our favorite 🍩

[NEW] Send your sales skyrocketing with ecommerce! 🚀

GetResponse has just introduced a full ecommerce stack to help you take your business to the next level!

Image #1

🔌 One-click integrations with leading ecommerce platforms — Transfer your product inventory and customer data to GetResponse without coding

📢 Popups — Grab your website visitors’ attention in real-time and increase conversions and sales

💰 Promo codes — Sync your existing ecommerce platform's promo codes. Then drag and drop them into newsletters or automation messages to up your sales

📩 Quick transactional emails — Automate purchase confirmations and recover abandoned carts with ease

🛍️ Product recommendations — Upsell and cross-sell by showing specific products relevant to each of your recipients

👫 Advanced segmentation — Create precisely-targeted marketing campaigns based on customer purchases, order history, and behavior on sites

💯 Web push notifications — Create eye-catching omnichannel campaigns, and win back customers with perfectly timed notifications

Don't have an ecommerce store? Recommend GetResponse to someone who does, and earn a $30 credit 💰

Try it out 🔥

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