What happens when my account balance is not settled?

If your account balance is not paid at the moment of recurring payment you can not:

  • send messages,
  • add contacts to your account.

What can I do?

If your credit card payment is not processed, check if you have:

  • online payments and international transactions enabled,
  • enough funds on the card.

Where can I check and settle my account balance?

To check and settle your account balance go to Profile > Billing > Billing information. You can also take this shortcut. To pay the balance, click the Pay the balance link.

All features will be automatically activated as soon as the balance is settled.

Direct Debit payment

In case you are paying with Direct debit, transactions are being verified on the side of your bank for 10 days. During that period your account remains fully operational. The only limitation is that during this time you can’t buy add-ons or change the package. Both of those actions will become available once the charge is confirmed.

Still not sure how this works?

If you need detailed information about an issue with processing your payment, contact our Billing Team via email at gr-billing@cs.getresponse.com.

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