What is the Contact queue and how does it work?

What is the Contact queue?

The contact queue is a place where we’ll store the contacts that couldn’t be added to your list.

How does the Contact queue work?

If your account reaches your available list size limit, new contacts are added to the Contact queue and will be added to your lists after upgrading the account to a higher limit.

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Free: Contacts will be added to the Contact queue if you go over the list size limit.

Paid accounts: Contacts will be added to the Contact queue in case you go over the limit by importing or adding them manually.

Please note that if contacts join your list through any other method besides importing or adding manually, then a list extension fee will apply instead.

In case you go over 500 contacts limit, all contacts added via any method will go straight to the Contact queue.

If you want to unlock the paid features, you can upgrade the account to any paid plan. The queued contacts will then be added to your list. In case you don’t want to upgrade, contacts are removed from the Contact queue upon reaching 32 days on for security and list hygiene reasons. We will notify you if there are any contacts on your queue that are about to be removed.

What happens when I upgrade my account?

After the account is upgraded, you will be able to add contacts from the queue to your contact’s list or remove them from the queue (you will see a notification within your dashboard regarding it).