How does GetResponse pricing work?

What plans are available at GetResponse?

There are three plans offered, each of them with their own add-on availability and included features. All plans include options for the list sizes: 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k and 100k.

  • Email Marketing – perfect for email marketers and growth-oriented businesses. For an additional monthly charge you can purchase webinar and/or multi-user access add-ons.
  • Marketing Automation – for growth-focused marketers and SMBs. Every account created within that package has webinars 100 and multi-user access (for up to 3 users) add-ons included in the price.
  • Ecommerce Marketing – for marketing pros with advanced email marketing needs. Every account created within that package has webinar 300, and multi-user access (for up to 5 users) add-ons.

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Your billing starts with the plan you pick when you sign up. From there, our simple pay-as-you-grow model scales as your list size grows.

How are the payments calculated?

Your billing is determined by the peak number of active subscribers during the billing month. So if your subscriber count rises to a higher pricing plan during the month, you will be charged at the higher level.

You sign up for the $19/mo plan (up to 1,000 subscribers).
• In month 1, your maximum subscriber count is 300 contacts, so you are charged $19 for the month.
• In month 2, your list grows, and your maximum subscriber count for that month is 900. You still pay $19.
• In month 3, your list grows again, and your peak subscriber count is 1,200. This puts you into a higher pricing plan ($29/mo). Still a great deal: you pay as you grow!

How are duplicated subscribers counted?

Each GetResponse list is treated independently. This means that if an email address is assigned to multiple lists, it counts as multiple contacts.

Let’s say you have 3 different lists: X, Y, Z.
• joins X and Y.
• joins X, and later you copy her to Z.
• joins all three X, Y, Z lists.
• joins list X only.
GetResponse counts these as 8 subscribers (2+2+3+1).

We do not charge for the number of messages you send; we charge for the total number of contacts in all of your lists.

Which subscribers do I pay for?

We charge for active subscribers only. Unlike some of our competitors, we never charge for unsubscribes, deleted email addresses or bounces.

How many emails can I send?

We don’t impose limits on how many emails you send during the billing period. For one low price, you can send unlimited emails.

What add-ons are available in particular plans?

Add-ons in the Email Marketing plan are extra paid. You can purchase them and cancel any time: 5 Multi-user accounts and Webinars with 100 or 500 participants.

The packages within Marketing Automation and Ecommerce Marketing plans include add-ons: Multi-user (for up to 3-5 users), Webinars 100 in Marketing Automation and Webinars 500 in Ecommerce Marketing.

Note: North American accounts may not have access to purchase or enable add-ons. These features are still available through the Marketing Automation and Ecommerce Marketing packages upon upgrade.