What happens when I go over my list size limit?

Depending on the method of adding contacts that takes you over the list size limit:

  • you’ll be able to upgrade your account to increase the list limit, or
  • we’ll charge a List extension fee to your account. This ensures that none of your contacts gets lost and prevents any interruptions in how your account works.

When will I see the upgrade option?

The option to upgrade in order to increase your list size appears during imports (this applies to all available importing methods in Contacts). We’ll be able to tell if the list you’re importing takes you over the limit. If this happens, we’ll let you know after you’ve uploaded the list. We’ll then ask if you want to:

  • upgrade your account (we’ll give you the available options)
  • import contacts up to your current limit
  • cancel the import.

When is a List extension fee applied?

You’ll see List extension fee charges after you’ve gone over the list size limit by:

  • contacts signing up via your landing pages, webpages, forms and webinars,
  • importing contacts via direct integrations in your account,
  • importing contacts via API,
  • adding contacts via cyclical imports,
  • copying contacts to lists. Note: The same email address added to several lists counts as multiple contacts.

You’ll see the charges applied at the end of the billing cycle during which you’ve gone over the list size limit. This is not a one-time fee, which means that we’ll continue to charge you at the end of each billing cycle. Note: The charges are applied every 30 days, even if you’ve signed up for an annual subscription plan.

Calculating the List extension fee

The fee is the difference between the price of your current plan and the plan that accommodates your actual list size. Let’s have a look at an example to see how this works:

You have the Marketing Automation package, with the list size limit of 5,000 contacts. This means that you pay $95/mo. In April you set up an integration that continuously adds contacts to your account. In June your contact list exceeds the limit. What will happen?

You’ve reached the next available list size limit in the Marketing Automation package, which is 10,000 contacts for $114/mo. The fee is the difference between the plans: $114 – $95, which makes $19. So, at the end of June, a 19 dollar fee will be applied on top your regular charges of $95/mo. It will continue to be applied every 30 days. If you go below the limit in the following billing cycles, the fee will no longer be charged.

If you’re not sure what your current list size limit is, or what the possible fee may be, please visit our Pricing page. There, you’ll be able to compare the prices and calculate the fee.

What are my options if I reach the maximum list size limit available in GetResponse?

The maximum list size for Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Ecommerce Marketing packages is 100,000 contacts. If you go over this limit, you’ll be charged $4.00 for every 1,000 contacts you start adding. This fee is charged every 30 days, even if you’re on the 12-month or 24-month subscription plan. Its total amount depends on how many contacts you’ve added.

You’ve added 2,507 contacts above the limit. This means that $12.00 will be added to your balance every 30 days.