How to create and send an SMS?

From the Dashboard, go to Menu and select SMS. On the Text messages page, click the Create text message button to create your text message. You can now enter the details for it.

To create a text message:

  1. Go to Menu >> SMS.
  2. Click Create text message.
  3. Give your text message an internal name.
  4. Choose the list to link your message to.
  5. Add recipients by selecting the list(s) and the field used for the phone number.
  6. Select the sender name. This name will appear as the sender of your message.
  7. Enter the content of your message.
  8. Set the message scheduling settings and click on Send text message to send it.

What is the character limit for my messages?

A single message using ASCII characters (A-Z letters, punctuation and numbers) can have up to 160 characters. Messages using special characters including emoji and diacritics can have up to 70 characters. Longer messages are created automatically if the number of characters exceeds these limits. Longer messages can have up to 1530 characters and 670 characters if they use diacritics. Longer messages are sent as multiple SMS messages (up to 10 linked messages).

How do I use emoji in my messages?

To use emoji in your messages click on the emoji button that appears in the top right corner of the message editor.

Using emoji in SMS.

Note: One emoji is counted as two characters in a message.

How do I use custom fields in messages?

To add custom field personalization in your message click on the custom field button that appears in the top right corner.

Custom field personalization.

Note: Custom fields may increase the character count of your message which can cause higher charges.

Can I shorten links in the text messages?

You can use GetResponse shortener to minimise the number of characters in any link to 14. Please note that in order to use the shortener successfully you need to enter the full valid address including the http:// or https://. The shortener will convert your link to a unique URL using GetResponse owned domain. Please note it will not be the same that you see in the preview pane (this one is only to reference what it will look). The shortener is only available when you’re sending text messages to contacts from your list.

Can I track links in the text messages?

You can track links by using the shortener which is at the same time a tracker. You will see the number of clicked links in your message details in the manage SMS page, once it’s sent.

Can I include an unsubscribe link in my text messages?

Yes, by clicking the “Unsubscribe link” button you can generate a merge word that will deliver to your contacts their unique unsubscribe link. The URL will be shortened to 14 characters to save space in your text message. By clicking the link the contact will be unsubscribed from the list they were in. Please note this option is only available when you’re sending text messages to contacts from your list.

How do I cancel an SMS send?

To cancel an SMS send go to Menu >> SMS then hover your mouse over the Actions menu icon (vertical ellipsis) to the right of your SMS and click on Stop sending.