How to add a new SMS sender name?

SMS feature is available only in MAX plans. Click here to learn more about GetResponse MAX.

Due to the risk of SMS mass pumping attacks increasing on a global scale, note that whenever your’e launching a campaign in a new market you should get familiar with local market-specific guidelines directly from our provider Vonage website. We’re not able to ensure top-notch deliverability without meeting those requirements by our customers, often this means P2P contact with Vonage to go through formalities:

Country-Specific Features and Restrictions – Vonage API Support

From the Dashboard, go to the profile icon and select Manage account. In the Manage account section click on SMS sender name and then on Add sender name.

To add a SMS sender name:

  1. Go to the profile icon in the top right corner of the GetResponse Dashboard.
  2. Click on Manage account.
  3. Click on SMS sender name on the left.
  4. Click on Add sender name.
  5. Type in your sender name in the Name field.
  6. Tick the confirmation box.
  7. Click on Add sender name.

What sender names are accepted?

Your sender name must be alphanumeric and contain between 3 and 11 characters. Only upper and lower case a-z characters, numbers 0-9 and spaces are accepted. Your ID must include at least one letter, and cannot be composed only of numbers. Non-ASCII special characters and punctuation are not permitted.

Why does my name need to be validated?

The sender name must be validated to ensure compliance with our Terms of Service. Validation may take up to 48 hours.

Why do we need your permission?

SMS solution in GetResponse is provided by our partner SMSAPI gateway. In order to process your sending on your behalf in compliance with EU and Polish regulations, we need you to provide us with formal permission for both GetResponse and SMSAPI to use your brand name to sign your sendings. We also need you to declare that you have the right to use the brand name as its rightful owner.

What default sender names are available to me?

The available default sender names are:

  • Info
  • Promo
  • Test