How can I use automation to send SMS?

SMS feature is available only in MAX plans. Click here to learn more about GetResponse MAX.

You can use automation for sending SMS messages thanks to the action element: Send text message.

How do I set up the Send text message action?

Follow these steps to configure the element:

  1. Select the Send text message element to add it to the workspace.
  2. Open Properties to set it up.

    send SMS via automation

  3. Under Select text message type you can use SMS draft or any SMS you’ve previously created or sent. In case of a draft or an SMS that was sent manually, it will be converted to an automated text message. You will be asked to confirm that.
    copy SMS popup
  4. Under Which message do you want to send? select the SMS.
  5. Select the phone number the SMS will be sent to.

    phone number selection SMS

  6. Optionally, you can set the element to Run multiple times.
  7. Optionally, you can decide if the SMS will be sent during specific hours.

    SMS send time