How do I use the “Stage” filter?

The Stage filter lets you target a specific group of contacts based on any or a specific stage in a pipeline. You can filter by open or closed stages or by a specific stage in the pipeline.

Stage helps you plan the next step for your deals based on whether or not they’re in a selected stage of a pipeline. It has two connectors – positive and negative. Everyone that meets the criteria you set up in the element Properties will move along the positive path. Those who don’t will move along the negative path.

  1. Drag and drop the element into the workspace.
  2. Go to the Properties tab.
  3. Select the pipeline and then the stage to filter the deals by. Your options to filter by stage are:
  • Select Any stage to target all the contacts in a specific pipeline.
  • Select Any open stage to target all open deals in the pipeline.
  • Select Any closed stage to target deals in a Lost, Won, or Frozen (if used) stage.
  • Select Specific stage, then select the stage name to narrow down the filter to only one stage.

That’s it. Connect the filter to other elements in the workflow. Before you publish the workflow, be sure to configure all the necessary details (if an element is grayed out after you’ve linked it to other elements, it means that you haven’t set up all its features yet).