How does the Dynamic segment filter work? Video

Use this filter to target specific contacts in your workflow. Within the Properties tab, you can configure the filter to target just the right segments of your customers who are in the workflow.

As a base for the filter, you can select saved segments created in contacts section.

The filter has “if yes” (green) and “if no” (red) connectors. When you attach another element to the “if yes” connector, only the contacts who meet the condition you’ve specified can reach it. The remaining contacts move on to the element you linked to the “if no” connector.

How do I set up the Dynamic segment properties?

Before you begin

Make sure you’ve created segments in your account. If you haven’t, the option to select saved segment won’t become available, but you will be able to create the segment using the button:

create new segment

  1. Click on Select a saved segment to expand it.
    A drop-down list with your saved segments becomes available.

    select a saved segment
  1. Expand the list and select the segments you’d like to use. You can choose up to 8 segments.
  1. Decide if your contacts should meet criteria of all segments or any of them.

  2. The setup is finished when the element in the workspace displays the name and the number of the segments you’ve selected (if you have chosen more than one).

    segment block