How to use the Consent status filter?

The Consent status filter lets you separate contacts who’ve given specific consent from those who haven’t. It lets you plan a different journey for your contacts based on their Consent field status. For example, you can send them different types of messages, move one group to a different workflow, or tag and move them to a different list.

To use this condition, you first need to create at least one Consent field. If you need help with that, go to How do I create and use Consent fields

The filter has two exit points – positive (green) and negative (red). Contacts in the workflow who’ve consented will go down the positive path. Those who haven’t will leave the element down the negative path (this includes contacts who’ve never given or withdrawn their consent).

Configuring “Consent status” filter

  1. Drag and drop the element to add it to the workspace.
  2. Go to the Properties tab.
  3. Select the Consent field by which to check for consent.

That’s it. You’ve just set up the Consent status filter. Make sure you’ve connected it to the preceding and following elements before you try to save and publish the workflow.