How does the Range filter work?

You can use the Range filter to limit a segment to a specified range, e.g. the first 50 subscribers who open the message, the next 50 contacts, and the rest. A range looks like this: 1-10, 51-60, and 101-110. You can set up to 6 ranges in a single element.

You can leave some gaps between your ranges, for example, ranges: 1-100 and 200-900 mean that the contacts who fall between your ranges will not become a part of the selected condition or an action.

Ranges cannot overlap, for example, you can’t set the ranges: 1-100 and 99-100

To select only one person in the range you simply put the same number at the beginning and end of the range i.e. 101-101 will mean that your 101st contacts will be affected by an action.