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See how a jazz musician uses conversion funnel to sell his online music course.

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Alex Terrier is a jazz musician and a music teacher offering online music courses to help musicians play with confidence and creative freedom.

Conversion funnel is great for reaching new customers with one-time purchase products. You get revenue and grow your contact list at the same time. If you’re looking for the shortest path to sell your product, conversion funnel is exactly what you need.

Alex TerrierAlex Terrier, jazz musician

How does GetResponse help your business?

I use GetResponse to grow contact list and sell my online music course. The Conversion Funnel allows me to automate the process.

Conversion funnel
Conversion Funnel with ready-made templates
What makes a difference?

Free content samples on your sales page.

Give something of value as a hook, like free high-quality content when they sign up. After signing up to the workshop, new subscribers are sent an autoresponder with a link to the sales page. There, they can access the free workshop resources.

Alex TerrierAlex Terrier, jazz musician
Free content sample
Free content sample on a landing page

How to create a perfect signup incentive for an online course?

Have your product ready before creating the funnel. Make sure you know how your product is going to help the user – it will simplify creating the marketing communication.

Alex TerrierAlex Terrier, jazz musician
  1. Start with a product.
  2. Align the free incentive with your product or solution.
  3. Solve a real problem your potential customers have.
  4. Maintain high-quality. Free sample sets expectations for paid offer.
  5. Break it down into digestible pieces. It’s easier to view a few short videos instead of a long one.
  6. Offer it for free, but ask for commitment.
CTA asking for commitment
CTA asking for commitment

Tools used to get results

  • Conversion Funnel – Promote your and sell your products online, using sales funnels and lead magnets that are easy to add and integrate.

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