Email Analytics

Actionable email marketing reports and insights.
Track the performance of your email campaigns and optimize them based on data to increase revenue by as much as 100%, like other GetResponse customers.



Learn what works for your business with email marketing analytics

  • One dashboard –
    all your data

    Keep your campaign and contact statistics gathered in one secure place.

  • Up-to-date

    Monitor clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and more to learn what drives engagement.

  • Data-driven

    Run tests and analyses to determine areas of growth and next marketing moves.

  • Insights
    on the go

    Access your data no matter the time or place with GetResponse Mobile App.

Get actionable data with email marketing analytics

Turn your data into a powerful tool with comprehensive email analytics software.
Monitor and analyze email marketing KPIs and make data-driven business decisions.

Track your email marketing
in real-time

Monitor how each of your campaigns performs for valuable audience engagement insights. Analyze and compare your newsletters, autoresponders, and RSS messages, following:

  • Open and click-through rates
  • Bounce and unsubscribe rates
  • Device and email domains tendencies
Track your email marketing <br/>in real-time

Keep an eye on your subscribers

Understand how people interact with your emails and boost engagement. Draw insights from:

  • Daily and monthly average subscription rates
  • Most popular subscription and unsubscription methods
  • Click maps that track users’ clicks throughout the email

In the dedicated Contacts dashboard, you can find and act on detailed information about a particular contact, list, and segment.

Keep an eye on your subscribers

Experiment to run high
converting campaigns

A/B test emails to learn what resonates with your audience. You can try different variations of personalization, content, and layout to determine what drives the most clicks and opens.

Test different elements’ impact on conversions:

  • Personalized subject lines
  • Text and video content
  • Different CTAs
Experiment to run high <br/>converting campaigns

Bring all results together
with digital marketing reports

Monitor all marketing operations with GetResponse and take informed next steps.

Digital marketing reports gather extensive data on your campaigns and customers, providing you with robust insights.

  • Ecommerce

    Trace how your campaigns convert into orders and revenue.

  • Marketing automation

    Review particular automation flow’s performance and impact.

  • Contacts reports

    Monitor how your contact lists grow over time.

  • Autoresponders reports

    Learn which email sequences spark the most engagement.

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Resources to help you get started

Email analytics explained

What are click and open rate tracking?

Open rate tracking is a way to measure how many people have opened your message. It’s calculated as a percentage in relation to delivered emails. It is an essential metric in measuring a campaign’s performance.

Click rate indicates how many times recipients clicked links in your message. In GetResponse, you can automatically track clicks included in your newsletters, autoresponders, and RSS-to-email messages. You can learn more about click tracking in this article.

What is a click map, and how can I use it?

Click map allows you to check link clicks in your messages. You can see how many times a specific link has been clicked and the percentage share of a given link in total clicks. It’s available for emails created in the new drag-and-drop editor. In this article, you can find a guide on how to view a click map for a particular email.

Where can I find out how my contacts were added to a specific list?

When you open your GetResponse dashboard, go to Reports and choose the Contacts tab. Select the list you’re interested in, define a date range and review subscriptions by source in the How new contacts were added section.