Almost half a million views of AI recommendations in one month.

See how a fashion brand increased the average order value and achieved faster conversion time thanks to the implemented product recommendations


monthly value of recommendations added to the basket


conversion of sales after recommendation of bestsellers


conversion rate after viewing a recommendation

Pako Lorente is a robustly developing men’s fashion brand which has 60 stores located in shopping malls in Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, as well as their own online store. It is worth noting that Pako Lorente represents Polish men’s fashion outside the country and is the only brand from the domestic market to expand internationally by building a sales network. Pako Lorente’s product range includes suits, blazers, shirts, outerwear, and accessories so that the brand’s customers can build a timeless comprehensive wardrobe for years to come.


  • Low brand awareness / customers not being aware that the offer has expanded over the years – they look for similar products at competitors’ stores rather than at Pako Lorente’s.
  • Company based on selling products that customers are directly looking for, low sales of complementary products.


  • Desire to grow the business.
  • Increasing average order value.
  • Increasing sales.
  • Speeding up conversion process.


Implementing AI product recommendations from GetResponse MAX.

Timeframe: 28 days, April – May

456 461 views of recommendations in a month. Almost half a million!

205984.79 PLN (~ $49,000) – monthly value of recommendations added to cart

Two types of recommendations were implemented on the product page. “Similar products” with a conversion rate of 3.99%, and “Others also bought” with a conversion rate of almost 6.27%. This indicates that suggesting products bought by other users to potential customers works much better than showing them similar products. That does not mean that you should not implement this type of recommendation – they still support the sales process and have the highest click rate of 3.26% so they generate additional sales.

Obrazek przedstawia brązowe, eleganckie buty męskie na każdą okazję.
Obrazek przedstawia różne rodzaje męskich butów w kolorze brązowym na każdą okazję.
Obrazek przedstawia elementy męskiej odzieży, białą koszulę, muchę, poszetkę, spodnie w kratę.

Recommendations displayed after product is added to cart reached the highest conversion rate of 14.29%. Showing complementary products that others have bought during checkout generated the most sales.

Obrazek przedstawia męską kamizelkę w kratkę.
Obrazek przedstawia męskie niebieskie i granatowe kamizelki oraz muchę.

Bestseller recommendations displayed on the category page reached second highest sales conversion rate: 9.66%. This proves that the audience is eager to choose products that are considered fashionable and have been purchased by others.

Recommendations displayed under articles on the blog had the lowest conversion rate of 3%. However, it is worth to implement them since they are a great way to generate additional sales from visitors who may not have planned to buy at all. Viewers looking for information on latest trends or dress codes reach the page, where, in addition to the knowledge on the chosen topic, they also receive recommendations of products they may be interested in and then decide to finalize the purchase.

Obrazek przedstawia mężczyznę ubranego w garnitur.
Obrazek przedstawia elementy męskiej garderoby, eleganckie buty i marynarkę.

Brand’s goals have been achieved through implementing product recommendations in GetResponse MAX.

  • Increased conversions.
  • Introduction of up- and cross-selling.
  • Improved UX by showing products that are most wanted by potential customers.
  • Real-time online store optimization.

Tools used to get results

  • AI Recommendations – AI product recommendations uses artificial intelligence to match your product offerings to the preferences, needs, and habits of each of your store visitors – suggesting the products and services they’re most likely to buy.

  • Ecommerce Tools – From sales funnels to selling your products online to lead magnets to grow and nurture your email list, GetResponse offers a plethora of marketing tools for monetizing your ecommerce business.

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