Powerful Email Marketing for a Heavy Metal Band

Find out how Sabaton’s digital marketing team turns email subscribers across the globe into a legion of loyal fans.

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Sabaton is one of the most successful metal bands in Swedish history, with their album, “Carolus Rex”, being the best-selling Swedish rock album of all time.

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools you can use to reach out to your audience and inspire them to make a purchase or do certain things.

Alekos Konstantinou Alekos Konstantinou, Director of Digital Development & Marketing

What are the main marketing challenges in your industry?

One of the main challenges we face in the music industry is tracking the complete customer journey.

We know how many paid ads and emails lead to merchandise sales on our store for example, but in music, it’s impossible to track what happens on platforms we don’t own, such as the digital service providers (DSP).

We can see spikes in streams and digital music sales, but we can’t know exactly which online activity (paid or not) led to those streams/sales, and how many of those streams/sales can be attributed to each activity.

How does GetResponse help Sabaton’s digital marketing?

GetResponse is a tremendous help. Email marketing is one of the most effective tools you can use to reach out to your audience and inspire them to make a purchase or do certain things.

We often use emails to promote new music and sell merchandise. Last year (2022), approximately 4% of our online merchandise store’s revenue came from the email campaigns we launched via GetResponse according to data from Google Analytics.

Sabaton promo emails
Sabaton Black Friday and T-shirt flash sale emails

We also save time by automating parts of our email communication. We run automation workflows when people:

  • subscribe to our newsletter via our website
  • subscribe to our newsletter via our store
  • abandon cart

I recommend split testing automated email series. We ran a split test on the abandoned cart series and the winner had a 13% higher open rate.

Alekos Konstantinou Alekos Konstantinou, Director of Digital Development & Marketing

Can you save time and cost with GetResponse?

Yes, you can absolutely save both time and cost with GetResponse. The first thing that comes to mind is the automation.

We save time because the automated abandoned cart series brings customers back automatically without us having to take any manual actions. Meanwhile, with regards to its design, GetResponse has an easily navigable user interface. Everything you need is right before your eyes, so it makes it quick and simple when putting together a newsletter.

In business, time is money, so the more time you save, the more money you save.

Can you increase revenue with GetResponse?

Yes, you can. At this moment, a good percentage of our digital marketing revenue comes from the email channel and this emphasizes the power of email marketing.

We can pique customer interest and convince them to purchase merchandise or perform certain actions by sending something straight to their inbox. Obviously, you have to be tactical with what you’re sharing, as visuals and text are vital to the process, but it really is as simple as that!

What other tools do you use to run digital marketing activities?

  • Photoshop and Canva: Graphic design tools
  • Trello: Project management tool
  • Gleam App to grow and engage customers via Contests, Giveaways, Email Forms & Collecting User Generated Content
  • Soundplate Clicks: Smart links for our music, where people can choose their preferred platform to listen to our music
  • Bitly: Shortening URLs
  • Google Analytics: Service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for the performance of our website + store.
  • Google Optimize: Website A/B testing

With the Gleam <-> GetResponse integration we were able to get 6K subscribers in 6 days!

Alekos Konstantinou Alekos Konstantinou, Director of Digital Development & Marketing

How does GetResponse compare with other tools?

GetResponse is the most user-friendly email marketing platform I’ve ever used. It’s a no-fuss solution for those seeking a streamlined approach to communicating with customers.

Other tools I’ve personally used have been far more complex and long-winded, and if you’re working in a fast-paced environment like me, you just don’t have the time for that.

What you see is what you get with GetResponse, and that’s something I appreciate. You can personalize it according to your exact business needs and you can keep on top of your progress, as it gives you feedback on how your email campaigns perform. It also provides you with plenty of help by way of video tutorials and other resources. Also, the support is very good and available 24/7.

Would you recommend GetResponse to anyone?

I would absolutely recommend it! 😊 It’s a full-on marketing tool right now with email marketing, automation, push notifications, etc. It’s very easy to use and you have a lot of pre-designed templates. You can create emails quickly using the drag and drop editor.

If you want to push your business to the next level, GetResponse will help you get there. Whether you have an important announcement to make, want to send a short reminder or prepare a lengthy newsletter, this tool is the most time-saving and cost-effective way of doing so.

Tools used to get results

  • Ecommerce Tools – From sales funnels to selling your products online to lead magnets to grow and nurture your email list, GetResponse offers a plethora of marketing tools for monetizing your ecommerce business.

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • Marketing Automation – Bring your ideal customer journey to life with a visual marketing automation builder that grows with your needs. Schedule automated responses, emails, and reminders.

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