Email Success Profile: Wilson Lau’s
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Email Success Profile: Wilson Lau’s

Are you living a life that’s filled with possibilities? It’s a question Wilson Lau takes seriously. In fact, he founded his business,, to address it. And although he’s based in Singapore, Wilson has attracted a worldwide audience and developed a profitable business with a diverse customer base. How did he do it? Let’s take a closer look at his business model.

The digital age has opened doors for people around the world. No longer is knowledge the exclusive property of universities. The Internet has put information and resources within reach of everyone. And mobile technology has brought together people from remote parts of the world.

But now that the doors are open …

How to enter? Wilson Lau looked for answers in a variety of sources, including the best of the personal development literature. He absorbed information about what makes people successful, concluding that success is an inner game. Successful people think different. So he built a business model based on training people to change how they use their mind, perceive the opportunities of life, and take action to reach goals.

1. Dealing with competition

This field has a great many competitors: authors, consultants, coaches and trainers. But rather that being daunted, Wilson embraced competitors, learning from them and seeking ways to profit by helping them spread their teachings.

He supplemented his private coaching practice with affiliate marketing. This model involves building an audience around a topic and curating products to offer them while sharing the profits with the product owners.


2. Developing new skills

Success in this business model requires new marketing skills. This is where young entrepreneurs have an advantage over seasoned pros: They’ve grown up during the digital age, with social media, mobile access, and an online world without borders. So online relationships are second-nature to them.

In organizing his business, Wilson made a couple of smart moves. He made email the hub of his marketing. And he chose GetResponse.


3. Communicating regularly

As a one-man operation, Wilson has little time for designing marketing materials. With GetResponse Email Creator he puts together email campaigns quickly. With a few clicks he can create a professional-looking design with images, formatting, buy buttons, and social sharing icons — all optimized for conversion.

Autoresponder 2.0 enables him to use each email again and again as new subscribers join. This gives each new contact the same introduction, along with opportunities to purchase products.

Best of all, the designs are mobile responsive. His target market is like him — youthful and busy but always with a smartphone handy. Responsive design means more subscribers read his emails when they arrive, translating to more clicks and more sales.


Organizing the email marketing list

Wilson uses Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to attract and interact with new contacts. And he captures email addresses on every sale. He chose GetResponse because it gave him an easy way to consolidate all of these contacts.

And with GetResponse geographical location tracking, he knows the country and time zone of each contact. So the Time Travel feature can deliver his messages at the optimum time for each time zone. This small touch goes a long way toward giving worldwide campaigns a local feel.


Building the business

As part of his business model, Wilson publishes a blog to let visitors explore ideas and learn about the business. And as articles are shared on social media, more readers can discover Wilson’s website.

Each article includes a sign-up form, so new visitors can receive updates as they happen. Wilson likes the fact that it’s easy to place GetResponse sign-up forms anywhere on his site. And each form is assigned to the campaign of his choice, so new subscribers receive the information they need at the right time.

Modular building blocks

The beauty of this business model is that it can be automated. This means that once the sales funnel is in place, it becomes a revenue-generating asset that can run for as long as it continues to produce.

This gives Wilson time to explore other opportunities and develop more streams of income. As each one comes online, it can produce income that adds to the bottom line.

The information business

Why is this model successful? Well, the Internet contains an overwhelming amount of information. Most people lack the time and initiative to sort through it and find what’s relevant for them.

This creates endless pockets of opportunity for an entrepreneur like Wilson Lau. By focusing on his specialty, he is able to bring the best content to his audience— and profit from his efforts.

GetResponse fan

This business model is a lot of work to set up. Wilson found that GetResponse enabled him to get the most out of his efforts. He has developed over 100 emails for his audience, and his click-through ratios increased 230% in just 14 months.

With number like those, Wilson is on the way to building a lasting business. We plan to keep an eye on him. There’s no telling how far he may go!



How about you?

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