Email Success Profile: Kenneth Hart, The Thirsty Swagman
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Email Success Profile: Kenneth Hart, The Thirsty Swagman

“Do what you love.” Have you ever received that career advice? But what if you love to PARTY! You can’t very well turn that into a business. Or can you? You’re about to meet an entrepreneur who started his business based on two passions: “travel and a good cold beer.” The result? The Thirsty Swagman. Let’s see what we can learn from Founder and Chief Swagman, Kenneth Hart.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of higher education? Pub crawls, of course. (Ah, the college years — how we miss them.) But Kenneth Hart wasn’t content to remember pub crawls nostalgically. He wanted to make them part of his life and reinvent the way people enjoy a drink with friends.


Party all over the planet

So he decided to tackle a daunting problem that vacation travellers face: finding the best pubs. And he solved it, mate! The Thirsty Swagman has got you covered with pub tours throughout Australia, Europe and Asia, plus their signature thirsty adventure — the round-the-world pub crawl.

That’s right. This year, you’ll be able to party on four continents and see the all the sights they have to offer — from inside a pub. Did I say “A” pub? I meant 80 pubs, from Sydney to Honolulu, Las Vegas to Reykjavik, Düsseldorf to Phuket (that’s in Thailand, weary traveller.) And sometime in 2016, you’ll be able to quaff a frosty brew in space during their first-ever Beer in Space tour — 300,000 feet above the earth in zero gravity. Hmm…  beer plus motion sickness. I don’t know if that’s for me, but then again it might be?


It’s not all parties

The hectic pace of the business leaves little time for administrative chores, so efficiency was critical when they chose GetResponse as their email provider. And ease of implementation was a must, including five-star support.

“I tried [customer service] multiple times, and it’s absolutely fantastic. The online chat help is brilliant, I’d say almost every time my questions were answered immediately.” —Kenneth Hart 

After switching to GetResponse, Kenneth noticed a huge reduction in time spent creating newsletters. The overall open rate is between 15 and 20% (more than double the average for the travel industry) and the click-through rate has improved by about 50%.


Know your customer

The Thirsty Swagman is a complex business involving travel, hotel reservations, itineraries, and, of course, keeping track of all those parties. In addition, the company serves a customers base scattered around the globe.

When Kenneth tried GetResponse, he immediately grasped the possibility of combining Geolocation with Advanced Segmentation to design custom autoresponder campaigns to serve his worldwide customer base.

“The ability to segment our list into campaigns so easily and automate much of the marketing was the decision maker.” —Kenneth Hart

As you might expect, Kenneth and his people travel a lot. And his customers — they’re big travellers too. So it’s no surprise that cell phone communication is the norm.

Before moving to GetResponse, Kenneth found that his customers couldn’t read his email newsletters on mobile phones, so his messages weren’t getting through. GetResponse’s Responsive Design changed all that. Now each email senses the size of the screen being used to view the email and automatically formats it to fit perfectly. As a result, about half of his emails are opened and clicked on mobile devices.

“Mobile opening rate previously was near zero, now it accounts for about half of all opens.” —Kenneth Hart


What is a “swagman” anyway?

That question always comes up sooner or later. “Swagman” in an Australian word used to describe an itinerant worker who travels from farm to farm by foot, carrying all his belongings inside his bedroll, also known as a swag. The swagman has come to symbolize the Australian lifestyle — an honorable vagabond with a sense of adventure, an easygoing temperament, and a natural tendency to enjoy a good laugh.

And that description fits our friend Kenneth Hart perfectly. He’s found his calling in life — to help people enjoy good times, good friends, and a good brew. So if you’re a thirsty traveller with a sense of adventure, the Thirsty Swagman will be there with you — ready to party.


How about you?

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