What kind of ecommerce data is sent to GetResponse?

The ecommerce tracking feature in our plugins for Magento, PrestaShop, and WordPress gathers information about your customers’ purchase behavior and sends it to GetResponse.

To start sending the data, you first install the plugin and connect your online store to your account. Then, you enable ecommerce tracking in the plugin.

Please keep in mind that:

  • We only collect information for customers who are added as contacts in your GetResponse account. See our resources to learn how to add your customers to a GetResponse list
  • The ecommerce features are available only in Marketing Automation, Ecommerce Marketing and MAX accounts. For more information on pricing and feature availability, see the summary of the pricing plans.
  • This article only focuses on the types of data sent via the plugins that can be found and used in the application. If you’re using a custom API solution, please refer to the API documentation for more information on the data sent.

There are three main types of data sent to GetResponse:

Product information

This information includes:

  • category
  • variant
  • name
  • price
  • image
  • URL

Purchase information

For individual contacts, we collect the data about:

  • products purchased
  • purchase date
  • amount paid

Abandoned carts

When your customers don’t complete their purchase, we track what products were left in the carts, including their:

  • name,
  • price,
  • URL.
    We include this information in the abandoned cart email sent to your customers.

Where can I see the ecommerce data sent to GetResponse?

Here’s where you can find and use this information:

Advanced search

In Search contacts, you can use the ecommerce search conditions to segment your contacts based on what they buy, when they buy it, how many times they’ve made the purchase, and for how much. Learn how to apply the search conditions

Message editor

In message editor, you can add product information to:

  • send product recommendations. You can narrow down the recommendations to a specific product category and product variant. Based on what your customers buy, we send them personalized product recommendations.
  • send abandoned cart emails showing your customers the products in their carts. Add the Abandoned cart block to your automation message and send it using one of our abandoned cart workflows. We track all abandoned carts in your store and email your customers with the contents of their cart.

Marketing automation

You can configure the Purchase condition to trigger workflows based on the ecommerce data send to GetResponse. You can automatically send thank-you emails whenever someone buys your products or set-up a scoring plan based on what they buy and create targeted email campaigns.

Use the Abandoned cart condition to create an abandoned cart workflow. In the element Properties, select the store you’ve added to GetResponse and we’ll email your customers with the products they left in their carts.