How to set properties for the Abandoned cart condition?

When you configure cart abandonment tracking there are three things you need to set up:

  • Your cart URL
  • The post-purchase thank-you page URL. Note: The URL you enter must match exactly the website URL. If you’d like to track multiple versions of the URL, you’ll need to use a wildcard.
  • The integration method you are utilizing: JavaScript or API

Our assumption is that no one can see the thank-you page without actually buying anything. So, whenever someone visits the cart page but never gets to the post-purchase thank-you page, we’ll mark such a visit as cart abandonment. Note: Your cart and post-purchase pages must be hosted at the same domain for the tracking to work.

Can I track thank-you pages at multiple URLs?

You can track multiple thank-you pages within the same domain. Use an asterisk (*) when you’re entering the thank-you page URL under Properties for the Abandoned cart element. The asterisk can go:

  • Before the domain name. For example, you have thank-you pages at two subdomains: and If you enter this URL : *, we can track the page at the two addresses.
  • After the domain name. For example, if you have thank-you pages in different directories, you can enter this URL:*
  • Before and after the domain name. If you have thank-you pages at different subdomains and directories, you enter **

How do I set the time properties for the thank-you page?

You can set the time to wait for the thank-you page to appear. The default setting is 15 minutes. This means that if the thank you page isn’t visited 15 minutes after you visit the cart URL the purchase was abandoned. Please note, if you are using the API integration, whenever your customer visits the cart page we reset our counters. For this reason, the real time when we assume cart abandonment can be different than the amount of time you set in the condition properties.

If you are using the JavaScript integration, the counters are not reset upon subsequent cart page visits.