What is click tracking?

GetResponse lets you track how many times contacts click links inside your messages. This includes newsletters, autoresponders, and RSS-to-email messages.

You can enable click tracking from message settings. First, click the settings tab from the top menu of the Email editor while creating or editing a message. Next, click the distribution settings link. Finally, set the click-through switch to the on position.

Click tracking changes the look of the link once sent. This change is necessary to associate the statistics with your account. The link will use a format like http://app.getresponse.com/click=7hs903hsnfkg64hd54grt but will still redirect to the correct site.

In addition, the click tracking will also append a hash code with the subscriber ID in the “#xsid={subscriber_id}” format to the final URL. As an example, a link to https://example.com/example_page will be seen as https://example.com/example_page#xsid=a68b_uTvZ57.

If appending this hash code causes issues on your website, please contact the GetResponse Customer Success Team to disable it on your account.

Note: Click tracking doesn’t work for links included in your messages as contact data fields or survey links.

You can access all message statistics, including click tracking, from the statistics page. Begin from the dashboard, and select Menu >> Email marketing >> Statistics. Next, select the appropriate message type from the left menu, and locate the clicked value. Note: Some email clients use strict security rules that ‘pre-click’ links in emails. These will be recorded as regular clicks toward your statistics.