What is open rate tracking?

Open rate tracking is a way to measure how many of your contacts have opened (or viewed) your message. In your account, you’ll see the open rate presented as a percentage. We calculate it by dividing the number of email messages opened by the total number of email messages sent. Bounced messages aren’t counted.
To access email analytics (that is the email numbers counter) go to Menu >> Email marketing >> Statistics >> Email Analytics.

What can I use it for?

You can use this information to analyze your newsletter’s performance. When you understand these figures you can come up with better targeting in your email marketing strategies. Use open rate tracking information to see who has and hasn’t opened your messages. Email Analytics helps you compare open rate results for different newsletters. This is especially useful when you plan to send follow-up emails.

How does it work?

To track the open rate, we put an invisible pixel in the HTML emails you send to your subscribers. When someone opens your message and views the images included in it, we record an open on your analytics page.
You need to remember a few important things about how open rate tracking works:

  • It doesn’t work for plain text messages because they don’t include images. If a subscriber decides to open your message using the plain text option, it won’t count as opened.
  • If your subscriber opens an HTML message more than once, each open counts toward the total times an email was opened. Click the “Unique” button to view the unique opens.

Why is my open rate low? What can I do?

Open rates vary a lot by industry, list management, and even how often you send your messages. A recent GetResponse report shows that people who sent to a range of 1,000 to 20,000 recipients saw a 14% average open rate for their newsletters.

Subscriber actions and email programs or providers can influence open rate tracking accuracy. Some subscribers may not open images when reading email. Some email programs and email providers may block or prevent open rate tracking due to their own security preferences. So a simple rule of thumb is to add about 5% more opens to your message statistics to get a better idea of its performance. This means if you tracked 100 opens, try recalculating your open rate as if 105 people had opened it instead.

There are two important things you can do to improve your open rate and receive more accurate open rate data:

  • Ask your subscribers to add you to their address book and choose to open your images.
  • Encourage your subscribers to open and read your newsletters. Work on your subject lines so that they show the benefits of your offer. Make them original, informative, and personalized to catch your readers’ attention. It should be like a movie trailer: show the important parts but don’t spoil the fun!

0% open rate statistics? See My open rate statistics are not available. What may be causing this? to find answers to your questions.