Customer Success Story: Mark Anastasi Hits New York Time Bestseller List

Anyone who writes a book has a dream — seeing their name on the prestigious NYT bestseller list in the coveted #1 spot. Accomplishing such a goal is the result of a lot of hard work. But is it the beginning of a period of new impact, influence, and business success? Let’s take a look at Mark Anastasi’s success story and find out.

In 2004, Mark started his business with a clear, inspiring mission:

“We elevate the quality of life and financial wellbeing of our clients.”

His timing was perfect. All around the world, job security was eroding. Economic shifts were leaving long-term employees without income. People in all walks of life needed solid advice on achieving prosperity and security for themselves and their families.

How does Mark Anastasi drive his business to success:

Information-based business model

Mark began writing e-books on financial subjects and selling them on Clickbank. They were well-received, and Mark began to accumulate a list of followers who loved his content and wanted more from him. As he began offering seminars, he discovered that his followers enjoyed opportunities to receive his inspiring message face to face.

“When I launched my seminar company in the U.K. in 2005, we needed a robust system for managing our email list and seminar attendees lists …” —Mark Anastasi

Struggling with list management

At first, it was easy enough to keep track of fans and seminar participants. He used ACT! to capture contact information and used ListMailPRO to stay in touch. It worked, and his seminar business grew steadily. But as his list grew, he discovered that these solutions were too slow and labor-intensive.

Before long, Mark’s list grew to 6,000 subscribers – not a massive number by today’s standards. But it was a high-quality list containing ideal prospects, so the list had the potential for generating huge profits. In order to do so, Mark would need tools for handling the job efficiently and professionally.

Analyzing resources

Mark realized he needed an email marketing system. He had heard of AWeber, and one of his mentors recommended GetResponse, so he decided to check out both. He found that GetResponse had all the features he needed and that they were easy to use. And when he needed a bit of help, GetResponse customer service was there for him.

“Over the years I’ve dealt with GetResponse’s customer support department a handful of times, and I’ve always marveled at their excellence. First class! I find that their agents try to get the best result for the customer instead of only focusing on the company’s earnings objectives (they put the customer first).” —Mark Anastasi

Mark had discovered a market that was perfect for him — those who are interested in personal development. And he had developed a great offer — a dynamic seminar that helped participants solve pressing problems. This powerful combination turned out to be a winning business model.

And in GetResponse, he found a low-cost, efficient way to manage his marketing and generate sales. In 2006, just two years after starting his business, Mark generated over $1.8 million in revenues, simply by promoting his seminars to his email marketing list.

“The power of being able to click ‘Send’ and communicate with 50,000 people at will … is truly spectacular leverage.” — Mark Anastasi

Transforming the business

When Mark published his book Laptop Millionaire in 2012, it landed on the New York Time Bestseller List. This increased his credibility and gave him huge exposure and publicity. GetResponse enabled him to take advantage of the increased exposure. His website was already set up to capture the influx of new subscribers. And list management tools enabled him to deliver a high-quality introduction and orientation to each new subscriber.

Mark’s company now generates over $1 million per year in sales. And yet he spends only 2% of revenues (less than $20,000 per year) on marketing — a performance record of remarkable efficiency.

Even better, his bestselling book, live seminars and email marketing spread his message to thousands worldwide, providing his fans with information and actionable financial knowledge to help them survive and thrive.

Mark Anastasi on cover of Magazine

Your business results

Do you have a great business idea? Have you identified a great market where it could take hold and spread? If so, you too can master the simple yet powerful techniques Mark put to work in his business —  list-building, consistent communication, targeted content, and automatic follow-up.

To get started, grab a GetResponse 30-Day Free Trial. It’s so easy that it makes marketing fun. And if you need a little help, we’re here always just a click away.

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