The 7 Deadly Don’ts of Email Marketing
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The 7 Deadly Don’ts of Email Marketing

Just like any other form of communication, email marketing requires the right pace and some tact. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know when they’re crossing the line with their subscribers. Let’s explore some of the deadly mistakes email marketers make. These may cost you subscribers, conversions and maybe even your reputation. If your emails aren’t generating sales and leads, your business could be making costly email marketing mistakes.

Are your email marketing campaigns effective? Are subscribers opening your emails and purchasing your products and services, or are they unsubscribing and sending your correspondence straight to the trash? f your open rates and conversions are low, and your electronic mailing list is getting noticeably shorter, you could be doing something wrong.

Here is a list of things you should never do in email marketing from a content perspective…


1) DON’T: Make It an Essay

Seriously, don’t waste your energy. People do not have the time to read lengthy emails, and even those who do, won’t. Long e-mails are intimidating and usually end up in the trash folder. The less scrolling the reader needs to do, the better. There are more appropriate forms of communication when you have a lot to say. If you want to share information with your clients, don’t do it in your emails; write a blog post.

2) DON’T: Write in CAPS

ALL CAPS IN SENTENCES IS A NO-NO IN E-MAILS. This comes across as pushy and aggressive – a surefire way to end up in the spam filter. In fact, writing in caps is considered the online equivalent of YELLING (see email etiquette). While you’re at it, you can drop the exclamation points, too!!! If your content is valuable enough, the user will keep reading and take the desired action. No need to resort to capitalization.

3) DON’T: Be Generic

Generic content doesn’t engage. It doesn’t sell products. Starting your emails with “Hey there subscriber” is not the best way to entice a potential customer. When it comes to e-mail marketing, personalization is crucial. Your message should be geared toward a specific user, and it should be delivered in a way that connects with the reader. Address prospects by their first name, whether it’s in the body content or subject line.

4) DON’T: Use Spammy Subject Lines

Speaking of subject lines, don’t make them spammy. That is, if you want people to open your mail. Sure, be creative and compelling, but also be concise and informative. Keep your character usage below 50 – many devices and platforms won’t display anything beyond that number. Avoid strange characters and symbols (these guys: */^#<>). Don’t oversell in the subject line. Finally, note that certain words can trigger SPAM filters.

5) DON’T: Be Vague with Your CTAs

Terms like “Find out more” or “Get more info here” might seem appropriate, but they probably aren’t going to convert your prospects. If you want to prompt action with your emails, your call-to-action buttons/links must be enticing, specific, clear, and direct. They should stand out and invoke a sense of urgency, and readers should know exactly what happens when they click. Here are 7 effective call-to-action examples.

6) DON’T: Overdo It with Visuals

Some visuals in an email might be suitable for your business, especially if you are selling consumer goods. Images help with branding and can actually help you land sales. But if a person has to scroll excessively or is distracted from the main content by a picture, or a number of them, your chances of converting are going down. Check your image size. If the pics are too large, shrink them down as necessary. They should not be obtrusive.

7) DON’T: Forget to Test

Test. Test again. Then test some more. Never send your emails out without testing – it could cost you time, money, and your business reputation. E-mail yourself to ensure that everything looks and functions as it should. Are your buttons and links linking out? Is the email formatted correctly and effectively? Are your images rendering properly? On that note, it is worth doing some research on using images in email marketing.

Email Marketing: Alive and Kicking

Despite the rumors that tend to surface online from time to time, e-mail marketing is alive and well. It remains a powerful marketing method that can and does generate quality sales and leads for businesses. Not every company is does it right, though, and basic mistakes often cost organizations good time and money. Be one of the winners. Do your homework before sending your emails. Remember the seven deadly don’ts!

Has your company found success with email marketing? Know of any other killer e-mail marketing don’ts? Please share in the comments below.


Our Guest Blogger: Helen Nesterenko is the founder and CEO of – quality content marketplace, which makes it easy for businesses to find and work with freelance writers. Helen is on a mission to build business that creates true value for its clients.

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