20 Action Items for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
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20 Action Items for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an effective way to engage your contacts and promote your business. You can send offers to people who have subscribed to your email list in real-time. Emails involve no expensive overheads, saving both paper and postage. Better yet, you can monitor whether or not the recipients of your email actually open, read, and act on it. Email continues to be an important marketing channel for many businesses.

Email Marketing Challenges

Over the past few years, email marketing has faced many obstacles. Most people receive hundreds of emails each day. You want yours to stand out in the crowd. The sheer volume of email makes it harder to convince people to open your emails and act on them. In addition, there are also anti-spam laws that you need to pay attention to. The popularity of social media also impacts your email strategy.

Despite these challenges, email is still the most reliable marketing channel when used correctly. Creating a successful email marketing campaign requires you to carefully manage a wide variety of elements. The following email marketing checklist can help guide you through the process.

If you wish to explore this topic further, here’s an article that goes over the best practices that’ll help your email campaigns resonate with your audience better.

Email Marketing Campaign Checklist

  1. Construct a focused message

    The text should be clear and crisp. Eliminate any distracting and unnecessary text. Most people reading emails skim through the text. You want to make sure that your readers will quickly pick up on your message.

  2. Pay attention to the details of the text

    It must be easy to read without a lot of technical jargon that could confuse the reader and distract from your message. All the information should be accurate and easy to understand.

  3. Be sure to proofread your email for grammar and spelling

    It is just unprofessional to be sloppy in this area.

  4. The message should direct the reader to take a clear action based on the content

    This is done by focusing on the benefits that acting now will bring to the reader. A powerful call-to-action will prompt your readers to take the next step. The success of your campaign is based on how many people take the next step. You have to clearly identify what this step is in order to ensure success.

  5. Create a strong landing page

    If the message of the email is strong, the landing page must be even stronger. The landing pages close the deal. There is no point in sending a strong email if it brings your readers to a wishy-washy landing page.

  6. Use an attractive design and layout for your email

    Images will help, but be sure they are not necessary to understand the message because many people cannot receive emails with embedded images.

  7. Your brand should be easy to recognize

    Place your logo prominently in the email. Make sure the design of the email matches the design of other marketing resources you have deployed. You want to make it clear to the reader who is sending them the message.

  8. A stunning subject line is necessary

    It should scream, “Open me, Now!” You want the receiver to open and read your email. A solid email subject line is the way to make sure that this happens.

  9. Make sure the “from” field is clear

    It should be clear that the email is from your business. People are not going to open your email if they do not know who it is from.

  10. Include multiple ways for your reader to view the email

    A link to the email on your website will make sure your reader can view the email even if their email software cannot. A text-only version of the email also helps in this regard.

  11. Enable social sharing for your email

    If your message is powerful, then your readers may share it on their social media accounts. This expands the audience for your message to the friends of people on your list.

  12. Comply with all laws regarding bulk emails

    Make sure you include your contact address and a way to unsubscribe from your list. You could face prosecution if you get this part wrong.

  13. Use your email list effectively by segmenting your subscribers

    The more you can target your email at the needs of a specific list segment, the more people will respond to your message.

  14. Clean up your email list before sending

    Add new subscribers, and remove people who unsubscribe. You want to make sure that you send your email to the most up-to-date list that you have.

  15. Test every aspect of the email

    You want to make sure it will render well in various browsers and email tools. You do not what tools people will use to receive your email. You want to make sure that your email can be read on most email tools.

  16. Make sure all the links and buttons in the email work

    Check any processes for ordering or subscribing that require people to act on your offer. You want to make sure everything is fully functional before you hit Send.

  17. Optimize your email for mobile devices

    Many people are getting their emails on their smartphones so be sure that your email and landing pages function well on mobile devices.

  18. Include a clear “reply to” field so that people can respond to your email

    Be sure to reply to any messages you receive. You want to capitalize on any opportunity to engage your audience.

  19. Monitor and measure subscriber behavior

    You will want to know how many people open your email. You also want to know how many of those click through to the landing page. Finally, you can keep track of how many take the action that you request. This information will help to know whether your campaign was a success.

  20. Make note of what works well for future email campaigns

    You don’t want to start every email campaign from scratch. You want to learn and improve as you go.

Email marketing campaign inspiration – book on table

Communicate away

Simple checklists like this can make a huge difference to the way your business communicates with its audience. So before you start working on your next campaign, make sure you prepare a master checklist incorporating the points in this article along with action items you have identified that is unique to your business. Using a professional and robust email marketing software like GetResponse will only complement all the hard work you’ve put into your project. If you haven’t signed up for an email marketing software yet, give GetResponse a risk-free try.

And before I sign off, I’d love to hear your silly first-time blunders with email marketing, share with us in the comments below! I’m sure we’ve all had our share of them. After all, it is these experiences that make us better email marketers.

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