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Get 10% off your contract value*

SAVE $2499

A swift and complete migration from your current email provider with $2499 in savings*

SEAMLESS SWITCH is our unique response to the challenges marketers face when changing ESPs.

Moving an ESP is usually stressful, complex, and daunting, much like relocating.

SEAMLESS SWITCH is like relocating by teleporting at the snap of your fingers. It removes the burdens, limitations, delays, and exhaustion, instead teleporting you straight to the next stage. This stress-free method takes care of all the cumbersome aspects for you, instantly moving your ESP and putting you on track to not miss a beat and continue reaching your audience same as before (and even better).

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What makes it ‘Seamless’?

Moving an ESP with other methods means technicalities like the lengthy process of warming up IP addresses, migrating content and lists, or learning a new user interface all by yourself. Marketers bear the weight and burden of budget factors such as paying for two providers during the time of migration, or even being stuck with the wrong software due to contractual termination fees.

SEAMLESS SWITCH is a bundle of four offerings conveniently wrapped up, a saving of at least $2499 and for a limited time, it’s all included for new GetResponse MAX customers. Making the SEAMLESS SWITCH eliminate all those factors, working hard for you behind the scenes while you keep your business going forward with:

  • Save 10% off your contract value*

    SAVE $1300*
    • Get 10% off your contract value during the first 12 months

    • You're saving money allowing your budget to go that much further

    • Benefit from dedicated onboarding and ongoing customer support

  • Assisted IP Warmup* to send millions of emails from Day 1

    SAVE $500
    • That’s right, send millions of emails from Day 1 with Assisted IP Warmup

    • We maximize the chances of your emails reaching recipients' inboxes

    • No unnecessary delays while we warm upyour IP and establish your sender reputation

    * Assisted IP Warmup is available to senders approved during vetting process
  • Handling the migration
    for you

    SAVE $500
    • Expert migration of your lists, contacts, custom fields, and more

    • Quick and professional creation of 1 email template, opt-in form, and automation workflow

    • Live 1-on-1 product training tailored to your strategy (no prerecorded, general sessions)+ proactive follow-ups

  • Exclusive Marketing Automation Certification course

    SAVE $199
    • Seamless Switch gives you a free access to exclusive Certification Course content

    • Leading experts give you accessible insights & actionable advice in our industry-recognized course

    • Drive a substantial ROI armed with proven, effective marketing automation strategies

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Get 10% off

* Saving based on your contract value during the first 12 months

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