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Engaging millions with targeted, personalized communication? Providing a unique shopping experience at every stage of the buyer's journey? Improving customer retention and driving more sales? Whatever the challenge, choose dedicated tools to support your marketing and business efforts.


Reach more clients and deliver unique shopping experiences across channels. Drive sales, leverage cross sell and up sell actions, increase AOV, and encourage repeat purchases.

Get dedicated ecommerce tools, such as AI product recommendations, abandoned cart recovery automation, transactional emails, promo codes, and much more.


Leverage email campaigns, marketing automation, lead generation tools, and webinars to expand the reach of your educational materials and sell more courses.

Elevate student engagement and provide a flawless learning experience by offering tailored, personalized communication and delivering the right content at the right time.

Performance marketing

Use advanced automation to acquire and nurture your users and enhance conversion rates. Utilize our scalable infrastructure, capable of sending over 100 million emails monthly.

Leverage top email deliverability to ensure your offers reach your users inboxes. Customize your sending strategy with shared or dedicated IPs.

Investment and trading

Leverage monetization and revenue generation opportunities. Grow your audience and increase engagement rates in your app, trading platform, or cryptocurrency exchange account.

Be the first to deliver trading news and alerts, and maintain a top position in the inbox with a 99% deliverability rate.

For many more industries

Businesses across the globe use GetResponse MAX to enhance ROI, improve customer engagement, and drive sales. Companies can capture, convert, and retain more customers all within one platform. Use advanced email and automation tools to deliver personalized experiences across channels, regardless of the industry in which your company operates.

See how other businesses did it

Pako Lorente used AI product recommendations to speed up the sales conversion process, increase sales and average order values.


Ecommerce, fashion


monthly value of recommendations added to the basket.


conversion of sales after the recommendation of bestsellers.


sales conversion rate after viewing a recommendation.

Allakando, the fastest-growing tutoring company in Sweden, used email and marketing automation tools to manage its audiences and evaluate performance.








Emails per month

Red Hot Marketing, an affiliate marketing agency, used GetResponse MAX to grow its email lists, engage and retain its audience’s interest, and increase sales conversions for its offers.


Affiliate marketing

for every 1,000 emails

a typical return
from standard campaigns.

for every 1,000 emails

a return from
strategic campaigns.

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